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Can anyone recommend tires for heavy people? Back when I was thinner, at 215, the stock tires on my bike where nearly running on rims. Now at 250 I'm pretty sure they'd be just about flat.

Can anyone recommend a stiff tire that won't flatten as bad for "chunky" guys like me.... LOL

From: SoDakSooner
Not sure the tire makes a difference, you'll just need to run more air pressure. I am not light, just a touch over 215, but I have had good luck with WTB brand tires. I would try and get as wide a tire as you can fit in your stays. I run a 2.5 in the front and a 2.3 in the rear. I typically have about 30 to 35 psi in my tires. I check it every time I ride.

From: smarba
Agree with SoDak. You might try a downhill specific tire, as they typically have thicker/beefier sidewalls. Lots and lots of brands. I like Schwalbe, Continental, Specialized, WTB.

From: PECO

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Panaracer fire XC pro. You can get different color sidewalls or black sidewalls. You can get them cheaper with wire bead. I have been riding these since the 90's, still my favorite tire. They will hold you up. Just add a little more air pressure and get out and ride, your weight will come down.

From: Mpdh
I’m the same wt as SoDak, but if I ran my bike off road with 35 lbs I’d get a flat every time I rode. My tires are 2 inch and maybe that’s the difference, but I always run 60 or 65 psi.

From: Scar Finga

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You can buy solid tires, but they are pretty rough. I would look into a heavy duty tire from a good bike store, stay away from walmart or other places, they usually sell tires and tubes that are of a lesser quality...i.e. CHEAP! If don't have a bike store near you, call a few on line a ask them what they suggest. I would also use Orange Seal vs the cheaper green slime stuff. It works way better, you can watch the videos on their website.

From: Ben
Like Mpdh I also run 60-65 lbs in my tires and have had very good luck. If I only had 30-35 lbs mine would run flat too, especially on gravel roads like I ride a lot on. You will also put out a whole lot less effort with more tire pressure.


From: Michael
What size rim are you running?

My last bike had 650 B’s on it. I ran a 2.3 tire with no problem. I ran a little more air in them. I was in the 40 to 45 lb range.

My new bike is a 27.5+ that has a 2.8 tire on it. These tires I have 35 lbs of air in. The bike I have now can handle either 29 or the 27.5 +. I really like the added bite the 2.8 tires get when cornering.

I also set them as tubeless. I am in the 250 to 260 lb range in spring before i shed weight for hunting season.

From: 7mm08
I run 27.5s at 65-70 lbs for trail and road riding. I am at 210 lbs. Couls run lower but I like lower rolling resistance. If you are not hitting jard technical trail whefe you need softness and grip try more air.

From: SoDakSooner
I am tubeless too. No pinch I do run a bit more in the back at times, but never more than 40. The bigger tire up front likes it at about 35 psi. the terrain we run is pretty rocky so the tires are grippier. When I used to race a bit with the same bike(it is more of an all mountain rig) i'd run a bit more for less rolling resistance, but the trails were less technical.

I am still on a 26 too. Really getting the itch for a new one (mine is 13 years old), but they are a bit more expensive nowadays, and mine wasn't cheap in 2005/6 at $4k.

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