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Arrow Fletching
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bighorn 21-Mar-18
rodb 21-Mar-18
Buck Watcher 22-Mar-18
From: bighorn
What fletching would work better on Easton fmj's flex-fletch 360's or sk 200 or 300's?

From: rodb
I've used 360's on all my Easton ACC's arrows for years and now I use them on my Gold Tip pro hunters. I tried the four fletch on the pro hunters but after several weeks they came off and I refletched with 360's.

From: Buck Watcher
I have been using both FFP-360 & SK-300 a couple of years. If I was shooting mechanicals (I won't) or a tiny fixed BH either will be fine. I see no disadvantages in using the FFP-360's. If the SK-300s ever wear out I will refletch with the FFP-360s.

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