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West Virginia elk hunt?
Contributors to this thread:
LBshooter 22-Mar-18
Longbeard 22-Mar-18
elk yinzer 22-Mar-18
mountainman 22-Mar-18
Fuzzy 22-Mar-18
spyder24 25-Mar-18
WV Mountaineer 25-Mar-18
Huntcell 25-Mar-18
From: LBshooter
Just read some Arizona elk have been released in WV, so wondering how long until they have a season? Nice to see the elk are being transplanted.

From: Longbeard
It's gonna be a good while is my guess....

From: elk yinzer
5 years has been quoted as the expected timeline. Best of luck drawing a tag. Reclaimed strip mines are excellent elk habitat and WV has a lot of them. My hope is that these isolated Eastern elk populations start connecting the dots in my lifetime. WV could well be the first state in the East to become fully repopulated.

From: mountainman
They released some from Land between the Lakes(KY) in WV last year. I'm sure it will be several years before any hunts happen.

From: Fuzzy
with the Kentucky and Virginia herds expanding through the Cumberland Plateau, and some decent management, I'm betting we will be drawing for tags by fall of 2022 in Virginia, with West Virginia following closely behind.

From: spyder24
I have been applying to Kentucky for years and have never drawn. I figure I will die of old age before I draw an elk tag in my home state.

I'm looking forward to it.

From: Huntcell
It’s taken Wis original 35 elk Clam lake project to get near 200 animals after 20 some years.

Of course the wolfs like to munch on something different now and then, deer everyday gets boring. There will be 10 bull elk tags issued this year 4 in a statewide draw, 1 auction tag by RMEF and five tags to the Indians.( who have shot a few over the years, without any tags being issued.

$1.5 million into the project so far.

a Wisconsin *state record * elk will be shot this fall.

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