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MK111 24-Mar-18
t-roy 24-Mar-18
BullBuster 24-Mar-18
MK111 25-Mar-18
From: MK111
Yesterday I went down and frost seeded 3 of my clover plots with WTI clover. Forecast of heavy snow over night. Woke up to the snow covered ground and heavy snow coming down. On Monday it was 61 degrees and 3" of snow on Tuesday and gone by Wednesday in the high 40's. Crazy winter weather but at least the new clover seed is on the ground.

From: t-roy
I hit some spots a few weeks ago on bare ground. We’ve had 2-3 snows since and lots freeze/thaw cycles to boot. Just got 6” today :-( I’m ready for Spring to get here!

From: BullBuster
I went to property to frost seed last weekend in north eastern WA. 20-22" snow on ground, so i postponed. Come on spring.

From: MK111
We got right at 3" of wet heavy snow on Saturday. The sun is out and snow almost melted already. Spring maybe here to stay.

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