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Boot Repair Adhesive
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For those that have had to make repairs to your boots, such as fixing a rubber rand or regluing rubber to rubber, what adhesives have you had the best success with?

Im looking to fix a small location where rubber overlaps rubber and i want to fix it so it wont catch on anything and get worse.

From: Tonybear61
Shoe Goo!

From: Heat
X2. Put some on a few seasons ago trying to extend the rest of the season. Still good to go.

From: Jaquomo

From: safari
X3 shoe goo. Blew out the side of a pair of boots on a hunt. The PH gooed them back together and I finished the hunt. I was going to toss the boots but the PH wanted them. He hunted the rest of his season in those boots and the goo held up.

From: Kurt
Shoe Goo is extending the life of a pair of KUIU Guide Gloves by several years for me. I wear the finger tips thru, but have glued them several times. Shoe Goo stiffens the tip a bit but is functional.

It works good on LaCrosse rubber boots, neoprene Muck boots, etc

From: Tonybear61
Red Wing, SB Foot company used to have a re-soleing program. They would run your old boots through the mfg. process to have new soles molded on. Not sure if they do it anymore.

Shoe Goo comes in about 4-5 recipes now-great all around glue.

Then there is flex seal...

From: BigStriper
I have had real good luck with Shoe Goo on my Merrell hiking boots,they are one of the Gore Tex models that I bought in 2010 and about 2 years ago they started coming apart in a few places so I put Shoe Goo anywhere it was needed and they are still doing pretty well. It worked well on some old tennis shoes also UNTIL I tried to dry them out in the Clothes Drier,that did not work,it melted the Glue,HAHA.Good Luck with your Boots. Kurt

From: LKH
I have a pair of winter boots that I basically cooked the soles partly off. We were in a hunting shack and I used Shoo Goo and a pair of old kitchen rubber gloves as rubber bands to glue the soles back on. Had to use a knife to cut the rubber band part off. The boots are still in use and that was about ten (10) years ago.

From: ElkNut1
Free Sole, stuff was recommending to me & it's simply amazing stuff! For repairs & waterproofing all seams no matter how bad! It's great stuff!


From: Scar Finga
Depending on the boot, a good cobbler can fix them. Or as stated above- S.G..

From: Muddyboots
I used Gorilla Glue, and it's still working.

From: jjs
Tonybear61, there is a cobbler here in Red Wing that re-soles. The biggest problem is wearing your boots with gas or chemicals on the floor that gets into the soles which causes the breakdown.

From: Mule Power
Freesole is awesome!!! That’s what Kenetrek boot company uses too. Glued the toe of my soles on better than new.

A lot of you guys recommend the shoe goo, however a cobbler didnt recommend it after looking at the boots. In fact, he wasnt even willing to fix my small problem. Wasnt worth arguing with the guy so i figured id ask here. The one thing he said i could try was regular epoxy, but im hesitant to try it.

Ill have to look into that Freesole stuff.

From: Ole Coyote
get some Barge Cement nothing even close to this as best boot glue ever made been using it for 40 years!!

From: dirtclod Az.
Shoe Goo. boots, gloves,backpack. Been using it over 40yrs.Great stuff.

From: JL
X22 on the shoe goo. Teachable moment...this past year I put the sneakers too close to the wood stove at the camp and the heat caused the factory glue to fail. The soles started to fall off.

From: Swampbuck
3M 5200 black fast cure, it will last a lifetime.

From: safari
Grunt, if you are going to toss the boots anyway try the shoe goo. you have nothing to lose.

Hell no!! Not tossing these boots. Lathrop & Sons mountain extremes. I bought them slightly used (so no warranty) and except for this minor issue, they are in excellent shape. Im sure the guy i bought them from had no idea and like i said, its only a minor separation.

From: ohiohunter
I’m gonna get my hands on some of that 3m marine adhesive.... 3m products are usually solid.

To heck with the warranty, I’m sure L&S will still service them at a cost, probably be best option.

I spoke with them already. I could send them in, but its not worth the cost. This is something i can fix, i just need to decide on what adhesive to use.

From: elkmo
3M 5200

From: houndy65

houndy65's Link

From: Yellowjacket
Barge All Purpose Cement. (the blue package) What a shoe shop recommended and what they use.

From: Killinstuff
Shoe goo for the inside seams if you care about looks. Spray on under coating you would use for cars is the best for outside of boots. 100% water proof and flexible

From: DL
Ole Coyotex2. Barges cement is a contact cement it’s what cobblers use to repair footwear. In the early 70s I made leather clothing. Barges cement is what I used. I made one personal belt using two pieces of leather glued together and stitched on the edges. I wore that belt for over 30 years to work. The stitching wore off but the leather never delaminated. It’s the best leather glue out there. You can use it just like you would a patch on an inner tube.

From: safari
Used 5200 to seal thru hull voids such as fish finder sonars. Never thought about it as boot repair as I did not think it would remain flexible when cured. If it works great and please let us know.

From: Swampbuck
I’ve used 5200 on a few pairs of redhead neoprene boots. The sole came off or started flopping, cleaned up the dirt put the 5200 on the sole and taped it in place. 24hrs later, good to go. Hasn’t come off in years and they’re flexible.

From: skookumjt
I have tried a ton of different types of glue on footwear and Barge cement is by far the best I have found. I wear rubber boots every day in brush I have sheared with a forestry mulcher and constantly put holes in them. I have one pair of boots that probably have 20 patches on them and they are still perfectly functional.

So just an update........... I ended up buying the Freesole, which has been renamed "AQUASEAL+SR", made by GearAid. Cleaned up the area and resealed using a toothpick to get the adhesive down into the small areas and used tape to hold in place. Once that was dry and as a preventative measure, I coated the transition/edge of the two parts. I'm very pleased with the way it turned out. Granted, it may not be the prettiest repair, but I"m not too worried about the looks. Time will ultimately tell how it holds up, but I think it will last.

Thanks again for all of the suggestions.

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