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Turkey Attack
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DL 25-Mar-18
stick n string 25-Mar-18
Paul 25-Mar-18
drycreek 25-Mar-18
dirtclod Az. 25-Mar-18
Timbrhuntr 25-Mar-18
longbeard 26-Mar-18
JTV 26-Mar-18
LUNG$HOT 26-Mar-18
Zim 26-Mar-18
DL 26-Mar-18
DoorKnob 26-Mar-18
LINK 26-Mar-18
midwest 26-Mar-18
stick n string 26-Mar-18
ben yehuda 26-Mar-18
DL 26-Mar-18
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sticksender 27-Mar-18
t-roy 27-Mar-18
Lark Bunting 29-Mar-18
From: DL

DL's Link
Funny until it isn’t funny.

Won't let me view it because I don't have a myfacegram login. And I was excited to laugh until I didn't

From: Paul
Same here

From: drycreek
People still do facebook ?

From: dirtclod Az.
Whats Facebook?

From: Timbrhuntr
Yup no fakebook here either !

From: longbeard
None here either. Facebook is for girls so I understand!!

From: JTV
I dont facewhatever .....

No facebooger for me either!

From: Zim
Someone probably got offended and reported it to their safe language department and Facebook took it down as they didn't want to offend their tran-species users that self identifies as sex crazed turkeys

From: DL
FB is what it is. I just found a friend today on there I haven’t seen since 64.. I have several old friends that I have found in there. Some good California hunting sites and many fellow taxidermists are on it. Over the years I have connected with some good people. Busted one in Alberta that is a licensed guide that we went and visited for a week. I have an open invitation to go hunting with him up there at no charge from him. Also have one friend in Texas that has invited us down to stay. Go hunting or go after some Redfish. I’m being taken Turkey hunting by a Friend off FB Saturday for the opener. Criticize it all you want, it’s not for everyone and that’s OK. I will enjoy my turkey hunt Saturday.

From: DoorKnob
Just another facebook fail

From: LINK
No facebooger for me.

From: midwest
Lots of good reasons to be on FB. DL named most of mine but left out BB's awesome wildlife photos.

Soooooooo....u gonnapost a better link to the video? Or are us non-instafaces not allowed in....;^)

1. Facebook is already old news. It's basically grandma's social media now, so you guys are waaaaaaaay behind the curve ;)

2. It's worth signing up for FB just to follow BB and see his photos.

From: DL
That’s the only place I have found it. The video is a guy splitting firewood and calls at a couple jakes. They come in and start trying to attack his feet the more he kicks at them the louder and more aggressive they get. He starts swinging a splitting maul at them. Finally smacks one and he staggers off. The other one finally gives up and leaves.

From: Tonybear61
Here you go..

From: Woods Walker
No facebook here either. Hell, I still have a dumbphone! And half the time I leave the thing in my truck and check it when I have to get something from it.

From: sticksender

From: t-roy

t-roy's embedded Photo
t-roy's embedded Photo
To quote Pal from the timeless classic “Uncle Buck”

“I got a cure for that”!

From: Lark Bunting

Lark Bunting's Link
You need a chicken for self defense against the crazy turkeys...and thieving ninjas.

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