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Badlands film tour, really
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From: Scrappy
I watch YouTube vids while I'm on the treadmill. Today badlands film tour popped up so I said cool. The first series was titled ETHICS. You won't believe how they started. It's a drone stampeding an elk herd and chasing them through the water. It seriously goes down hill from there. I kept fast forwarding hoping it would get better. I finally gave up when there was a dude screaming at the camera.

Ok rant over.

Post the link. I’d also like to rant! ;-)

From: elkmtngear
It's at about 1:45

Looks like they got a new toy, and forgot that the film was supposed to be about "ethics"...

From: Dyjack
I really liked the part when the bull is in arms reach of the lady with a bow. And you can see the drool dripping from his mouth.

Also the bear hunting magazine guy's video is pretty great. Wish they could've had longer entries.

Mostly anti climactic videos from then on.

From: moosenelson
Good grief man, i doubt its a drone stampeding elk. At those heights its likely silent and hard to see to boot. Chill a bit maybe.

From: WapitiBob

WapitiBob's embedded Photo
WapitiBob's embedded Photo
I'm guessing you missed this video of an Elk stampede caused by a drone...

From: midwest
I remember that, Bob. The poster took a lot of heat on here after posting that!

From: Woods Walker

Woods Walker's embedded Photo
Woods Walker's embedded Photo
Ah yes......DRONE SEASON! Can't wait!!!

From: APauls
Walking quartering away shot at 7 yards isn't an ethical shot...I am learning that I am an unethical hunter :(

I only watched a few minutes but the film looked good, nice cinematography. You need to remember we live in a day where all it costs you is your time to watch these things on youtube. If we complain about what we watch on youtube for literally nothing, I think that's going too far. If you paid money to go see the film in theatres and it stinks then you have a right to complain. If it's no good, shut it off. I'd have to agree that the elk stampede is caused by the drone. Whether that makes a person unethical, not sure. Depends how long they run the animals. We all make animals run every time we enter the woods.

Personally I somehow get bothered by a good amount of people that seem to have "figured" ethics out and then feel the need to transfer their version of it onto the rest of the human population. It's like the guy that after 35 years of marriage seems to know what ticks with his wife and proceeds to tell you how it should be done. Doesn't work the same for everybody. One would think ethics would be a lot more universal, but fact of the matter is we all disagree on the finer points of it. Seems some people love treat coyotes different than an elk, and think that's ethical. Others will argue differently. Like the guy in that Wildlifers TV hat just comes across as pompous to me. I'm all for hunting ethically, don't get me wrong, but hunting ethics seems to riding it's very own wave lately and for some reason I find it annoying. No idea why, it should be a good thing but it annoys the heck out of me, everyone preaching their own ethics on everyone else.

Fact of the matter is it's part of maturity. Almost everyone hunts differently in their 40's than they did in their 20's. Most people drink differently in their 40's than they did in their 20's as well. It's part of growing up, it's called maturation.

From: Scrappy
Apauls thanks for taking the time to post. I posted this thread right after I tried watching it. After seeing the elk stampede it soured my perspective of the whole thing and all I could see after that was the negative.

They say your supposed to get wiser with age. I guess I'm still to young.

This is a good discussion about ethics and the ever changing bar we see through technology and the videos we see as it portrays modern archery hunting. Not all is bad and not all is good.

I will say this, the lead sponsors on videos like this pick and chose what short videos they show and hopefully they understand their choices impact the hunting world in general and also whether or not this hurts or helps them sell their products.

From: APauls
One thing is for certain though - you're not playing with the big boys unless you have your own film fest! ;)

From: Whip
I agree - the elk stampede with the drone on a film titled Ethics was ironic to say the least. It turned me off immediately so I turned it off. I do hope the sponsors pay attention.

Overall though, the quality of some films being put out these days is a vast improvement over what the hunting industry had been doing for years. I hope the trend continues as film makers learn what good quality really means.

From: Boreal
I liked it.

As a guy who loves being outdoors hunting and fishing these films motivate me to hunt more. not everybody agrees with stuff or how its presented but i just keep it simple and picture myself on the hunt with them and loving every second. And like reality i go home to an empty freezer.. :(

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