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Garrett Bros @ Cons's embedded Photo
Desert Sheep One Last Hunt Open guys we have one last minute Desert sheep hunt open in an area with a guarantee opportunity at a ram,

We have an special desert sheep on free range, to be hunted from right now until the last day of the extended season, this coming April 29th. The cost is $43,000 USD. Attached you’ll find more info; although we offer 7 days of hunt, the hunter can easily finish within the 3rd or 4th day of hunt. The terrain is rough, but not that difficult. You can expect to see specimens between 160 to 170 points.

Includes: Lodging in ranch house (basic accommodations), one main guide/translator, guides and backpacker.

Not included: Air transportation; license, gun permit, exportation and shipment of trophy, the cost is approx. $1,800 USD; any expenses of personal nature.

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