Best Portable Fanning Decoy
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From: Full_Curl
For you guys that use the fanning or reaping technique what is the best portable, run and gun type decoy other than just a fan? I have a B Mobile with real fan that works great but more times than not it’s in the truck because I don’t want to carry it. I often find myself on call setup number 3 or 4 a ways from the truck and wishing I had a good fanning decoy with me because the bird hangs up in a perfect fanning situation. Are there any good fanning decoys that are easily portable that might be able to fit in the back of a vest? Thanks.

From: Ermine
Heads up decoy is my favorite! It works awesome

From: Dave

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Add one of these to the Heads Up decoy or just carry it in your pouch by itself. It allows you to collapse and fold your fan so it fits nicely in your pouch and you can just unfold it when you want to use it. The feathers get a little buggered up over time but the birds don't seem to care.

From: Timbrhuntr
I agree heads up. I used it in several states archery seasons last year and worked great. I was also lucky and stopped into a small sports store in Kansas and they were selling their inventory . I got the turkey, mule deer, elk and antelope 40 % off so I plan on trying out them all :)

From: kscowboy
I like the Ultimate Predator decoy. They are running a decoy trade-in promotion right now and are a Bowsite sponsor. Dirk is one of the guys over there and is a solid guy.

My home made art work, on one of my wifes good black umbrellas,,,,,, it is a killer and I am carrying, just about nothing, till I need it.......................

From: Full_Curl
Thanks for the replies. Anybody ever use a Fanatic XL by Montana or a turkeyfan by KillerGear? I really like how fast the turkeyfan can be used and how you just lay it on the ground rather than mess with stakes or bases.

From: jims
There's a number of reaping decoys available. Some are a lot lighter and more compact than others. Mojo Scoot-n shoot is nice because it has a little more room to hide behind (side wings). Thunder chicken and Chicken on a stick are smaller but still work great. The first tom I ever harvested a friend was behind me with a wood stake with real fan attached with bondo. I made a reaping decoy from a Killer B and attached real wings....even made a sled to slide it in front of me. It was a bit bulky for hauling long distance. No matter which decoy/fan I use I really like using real fan rather than fake. I've never tried a Heads up or umbrellas but some guys like them. I prefer 3-d rather than a print. I would also rather not have a decoy that's attached to my bow.

From: Knife2sharp
My favorite is the Flextone Thunder chicken. I added a monopod to it and wrapped hockey tape around the bottom section in two places so I can put it in one of the Primos ground stakes. The monopod makes it so I can adjust the height. I can hand hold it for reaping, or setup out in front of me. I can also lay it down relatively flat.

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