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Elk Video Kill With Vortex Broadhead
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Ward's Outfitters 29-Mar-18
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Ward's Outfitters 30-Mar-18

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Watch this Video. Yes the hunter made a high shot, Only because he was using a large cutting diameter Vortex broadhead was this bull recovered. Upon checking the vitals we found that one blade had cut approximately 1/2" deep across the top of the lungs. Entry completely cut through one rib and cut 2 ribs on the opposite side.

From: ElkNut1
Boy, he was at full draw for an eternity! It was high but still deadly! Nice bull!


From: midwest
Nice bull! I haven't seen a square sight housing in a loooong time!

Thats what i was thinkin midwest!

From: Ucsdryder
Ha same! First thought was, that’s some old school sheet right there!

Just shows how long Vortex Broadheads have been getting it done. That sight was called the Sonoran sight one of the best western sights ever made.

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