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Badlands diablo or diablo dos
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booner 29-Mar-18
yooper89 29-Mar-18
cnelk 29-Mar-18
splitlimb13 29-Mar-18
elkmtngear 30-Mar-18
Jaquomo 30-Mar-18
kadbow 30-Mar-18
AlleninNM 30-Mar-18
Don K 01-Apr-18
From: booner
Looking for a pack that is roomy with multiple pockets for supplies and help to keep my back from running a sweaty river. Not sure if there is much difference in these pack any suggestions THANKS

From: yooper89
Booner, I have a diablos dos with just a few days use. Was too big for my needs. PM me.

From: cnelk
I had a BL Superday for a long time. Man that thing was heavy EMPTY.

From: splitlimb13

From: elkmtngear
My Badlands Superday has become my training pack, I run the treadmill 4 days a week, with a lead brick in it. It has held up well for about 5 years.

My back sweats like crazy with it. I have to wipe myself down daily.

From: Jaquomo
I really like the Diablo for warm weather scouting-hunting. It's my go-to summer and early fall day pack. The ventilation system is excellent and it weighs nothing for the amount of gear it will hold. Wish it had pockets on the waist belt but I added Badlands after-market pouches that work ok.

From: kadbow
Ditto what Lou said, the Diablo is a great day pack.

From: AlleninNM
Love my Diablo. I am sure the Diablo Dos has the same features that I like about the Diablo. Lightweight, lots of pockets and keeps me much cooler than other packs I have used. If it fits you, I am sure either would work well.

From: Don K
Picked up a Diablo last year on sale and I really like it as well for a day pack.

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