Colorado Points Charge
Mountain Goat
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INDBowhunter2 30-Mar-18
PMcGee 30-Mar-18
Brotsky 30-Mar-18
INDBowhunter2 30-Mar-18
Dotman 30-Mar-18
sticksender 30-Mar-18
When will Colorado charge for points if/when I don't draw a goat, sheep, or moose tag? When applying it only charged my app fee plus stamp fee so far. I know on the paper app it was taken out before your refund. Just want to make sure I'm not missing something

From: PMcGee
After the draw

From: Brotsky
The point fee is charged at the time of the drawing if you are unsuccessful, unless you have an annual Colorado hunting/fishing license.


From: Dotman
I thought they didn’t charge a pref pt fee for goat, sheep or moose. So your $3 per species is all it costs plus habitat stamp.

From: sticksender
For 2018, the PP fee still only applies to deer, elk, bear & pronghorn. Strange, but true. Enjoy it while it lasts!

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