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Whitetail Deer
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greenmountain 30-Mar-18
Bill Obeid 30-Mar-18
Hello All : this heading seems funny but I assure you it is not. I am a hunter. I spend a lot of hours in the woods . I hunt small game and deer with whatever hunting tool is legal at the time. I got to thinking that in my youth my mentor knew that there was space between kill opportunities. He took some nice bucks over the years but he was exceptionally wise. He took his son and me into productive spots but he also realized that waiting for a buck takes time. As soon as we were ready to hunt alone we sat in wait but we knew that at noon we would compare notes . In the cold woods of Vermont we usually had a fire at lunch time . We toasted our lunch and chatted. The afternoon went by quickly and then we walked out of the woods. We would share the events of the day then go home for supper. I love to take deer but I realize that I might not be s good hunter if my mentor had not discovered the value of a campfire and sharing the events of the day. If we do as well by our kids our hunting heritage is secure. If we don't take them out it is our fault when a new generation sees no need to protect wildlife.

From: Bill Obeid
My grandfather built a fire for lunch EVERY time we hunted. We also hunted from dark till dark.... but that’s how the men that taught him hunted. Those men were all immigrants from Eastern Europe , so I’m sure that they brought that custom with them . Those old timers sure were a tough breed.

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