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Black Buck hunts???
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GhostBird 03-Apr-18
Drahthaar 03-Apr-18
Treeline 03-Apr-18
Buffalo1 03-Apr-18
Alabowma 03-Apr-18
From: GhostBird
I submitted a similar post a year or more ago, but never booked a hunt. Didn't want to derail the Black Buck Mounts thread... so, where does one find a good Black Buck hunt. Please share where I might get a good Black Buck hunt.

Also interested in method of hunts... baited from a blind or spot & stalk. Any info will be appreciated.

From: Drahthaar
Andy, look on some of the Texas hunting forums , a lot advertised, I haven't hunted Black Buck with any of them. Forrest

From: Treeline
My folks have a bunch of them on their ranch. PM me and I’ll get you some contact info.

From: Buffalo1
I have two buddies that just returned last week from Diamond C Bowhunting Ranch. They said Skylar has some beautiful Blackbucks and some really nice Axis bucks.

They were after axis doe and saw a limited number. When they departed there was 2 less does and 1 less sow pig.

From: Alabowma
I’m going after one on Thursday in TN. I will let you know. I’m going where they are running a special right now!

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