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KHunter 04-Apr-18
Bou'bound 04-Apr-18
TEmbry 04-Apr-18
Vids 04-Apr-18
TXHunter 04-Apr-18
ABQBW 05-Apr-18
MathewsMan 05-Apr-18
Treeline 05-Apr-18
Ermine 05-Apr-18
From: KHunter
Ok, how many folks applied in Colorado for sheep and then changed the application afterward to another unit using the new online tools that make it easy to do?

And you still have another 1+ hour to recondoer so maybe this question is a little early.

From: Bou'bound
a lot

From: TEmbry
What’s the benefit of changing your original choice?

From: Vids
No benefit. It's just nice that it's easier to do than sending them a form and hoping they make the change for you.

I did not change anything this year.

From: TXHunter
I did that in WY the first year they went online for NRs. Had applied for Area 4, then noticed they didn’t issue a NR tag for that unit the previous year - so I changed my app.

Guess what? They issued a tag for Area 4 and only 40 people applied for it. I wish now changing it had not been an option.

I changed my sheep unit the day before the deadline. I changed to a unit I hunted with a friend that drew in 2010. It's a tough hunt but I guess I figured "the devil you know"

From: MathewsMan
I'm set on my unit until I draw, they change the game, or I have to put in for the NRes tag which dictates the Desert Tag you can apply for. I figure I still have 30 or so tries, but that is up to fate.

From: Treeline
Changed up my moose and goat apps but not my sheep. Almost on the sheep, but there was too much uncertainty about the private access since the majority of the sheep live on one ranch and the owner passed away.

From: Ermine
I changed mine a few times. Went back and forth between a couple Units.

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