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Best bow sight
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Currently have a Hoyt Hyperforce with a spot Hogg Fast Eddie xl. Great sight, heavy, and do a lot of spot and stalk hunting so range finder adjust dial then range finder again doesn’t seem practical. Looking for a sight for my backup bow Hoyt nitrum turbo 85lbs. Reason I say that is potentially could go to Africa so what would be a good sight and what’s the average distance?

From: Shawn
I have never been to Africa but know a few guys who have. You don't need a sight, shoot a recurve as most animals are shot over a water hole or trough and the shot can be anywhere from a few yards to no more then 20. I suppose there are other type of hunts but most any decent sight should do. Shawn

Well call me old school,but cobra four pin sight has worked for me since 1972.

From: Drahthaar
HHA single pin slider. Forrest

From: Bou'bound
Mbg flashpoint

From: YZF-88
Have you experimented with the single pin "trick pin" system with your single pin?

I have the same sight but the pointer has 2 indicators. I leave the top pin at 50 all the time. Second pin ends up at 60. I don't need to range find much.

From: 12yards
I just got a 5 pin MBG Widow Maker. Simple and solid.

Black gold vs Hoyt redwrx carbon xceed

From: Buffalo1
HHA single slider pin with a sight light.

I had plenty of HHA in past. All had screws that rusted.

From: Franklin
"Maintenance"....that`s on YOU bro. lol You didn`t say if it was spot and stalk Africa or blind hunting. With todays bows 3 pins will cover you to 60 need for a 5 pin sight where the pins are almost touching each other. African animals are very skiddish and super far shots are iffy.

From: carcus
Axcel sights are the best I have used, by far!

From: Tonybear61

Tonybear61's embedded Photo
Bare Bow with the World's Best Computer-The Brain
Tonybear61's embedded Photo
Bare Bow with the World's Best Computer-The Brain
Bare bow for those guys who can do it.

Otherwise I do like the movable pins. One sight just like a gun, seems to work OK

From: grubby
I recently switched to a fast eddie 3 pin. I think I'm going to like it. Best of both worlds. sliding capability for shooting long range so no need to have a pile of pins cluttering things up and confusing me. and multiple pins so when things happen fast closer you likely have the pin for the job. The computer in my brain apparently doesn't work too great! I one day hope to shoot my recurve accurately but that hasn't happened yet.

From: grossklw
MBG Ascent 5 pin, bomb-proof. 5 pin slider, not that you're taking shots out to 100+ yards but it's fun to play with and practice at that distance and it makes your short distances feel like you're shooting at a blimp.

From: jjs
Give EZ Sight a look, put one on and it clears up the pin blur with my glasses. Been a bare bow for many years and just comes more naturally with this sight than a pin.

From: PECO
I have never had a screw rust on a sight, and the only maintenance I do is check if screws are tight. The OP said he does not want a slider. I agree with 3 pins on a speed bow. I like 3 or 4 pins, and plenty of good sights to choose from. You can also set your slider to 30 yards and be good. Range your area when you get to your blind and eliminate that step when the amimals come in.

I also like MBG.

Whether you want a slider or not, do yourself a favor and check out the Black Gold Ascent 3-pin slider. You never have to worry about moving anything under most hunting scenarios, yet you have the ability to practice out to 100+. IMO, it’s the best of both worlds. To top it off, their sights are tough as they come, and their customer service is second to none.


From: Larry
As jjs said, check out the EZV sights. If you are a target shooter wanting the exact center of an X, may not be the one for you. But, if you are a hunter, it eliminates the rangefinder on most critters. You just have to train yourself to believe in the V. Check out the you tube videos or their web site.

From: midwest
+1 wyobull

From: Brotsky
+2 for WYObull, same sight I run and have zero desire to change.

Lots of good sites, me I want one that lights up, to see the pins even better in lower light. I shoot a Fuse by Hoyt, 3 pin,,,, simple and effective and tough.... 85lbs you must be going after buffalo or elephant

I would like to see that EZV sight, looks interesting, but not in Wis from what I can see

From: Ermine
Find a used spot Hogg

Spot Hogg’s are very durable and built tough

From: Butternut40
+3 wyobull

From: APauls
I have a MBG 5 pin slider one my old bow it weighs about 5lbs but is a great sight.

On my current bow I have a Spott Hogg Hunter or something it’s a 5 pin very nice sight. I like the 5 pins. It’s what I started with and my brain works with it just fine. 20-60 on pins and you can always guess the next “gap” for 70 and then top of my bubble is another distance. Forget what it is now that I switched arrows

From: Scoot
+4 wyobull- same rig for me and I am very happy with it.

From: Royboy
I changed all my pins to green, best color for me from early to late

The Option 8 has been great for me. Built incredibly well and the best of both worlds.

From: spyder24
Go to your local bow shop and explain to them what you are wanting and for what hunting conditions. They should be able to recommend a sight for you and will be there for you if you have any problems.

I use a 5 pin cheapo tru glo carbon ES. Works great. Might regret that later but, It has done fine so far.

From: wifishkiller
Anything tough with a 3rd axis, theres to many good ones out there these days.

From: pav
Another Montana Black Gold fan here. I shoot the Pure Driven single pin my preference is vertical pin. If MBG had a vertical 3 pin slider option....I would own one!

From: cptnron4
IQ 5pin

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