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Fairchase - TX in Spring?
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SDHNTR(home) 05-Apr-18
OkieJ 05-Apr-18
drycreek 05-Apr-18
Huntcell 05-Apr-18
Buffalo1 05-Apr-18
RK 16-Apr-18
Quinn @work 17-Apr-18
RK 17-Apr-18
From: SDHNTR(home)
For lack of a better explanation, my usual hog hotspot where I have hunted for many years here in CA has dried up. I miss my springtime hog hunting. Considering a Texas trip. I've got contacts for deer in TX and have certainly killed hogs there, but they are mostly transient and not as consistent as what I seem to have read about here on Fairchase reports. Have any of you guys actually hunted Fairchase in the Spring and done well? The reason why I'm specifically asking about Spring is because I know that can be a tough time when there is so much natural feed that hogs don't come into feeders as much.

From: OkieJ
go over to . There is a day lease forum that might have info on the place.

From: drycreek
I think Rob shuts down the first of March, but last time I heard from him he was thinking about hunting March or part of it. You need his number ?

From: Huntcell
Rob needs to rest up sometime! He is all out, a thousand percent while conducting his hunts. Of all the hunts I have done either diy or guided his keeps coming up, gotta do that one agian.

From: Buffalo1
Drycreek +1

Agree with Huntcell, Rob is a 1000% output outfitter.

When you go with him and listen to him- you've got very good chances of being successful.

From: RK
You guys are too nice, thanks We pushed it through March this year but are shut down now. Lots of hogs still around but geared down for the spring now. Turkey hunts were awesome with 100% shoot rate with archery gear and a few hogs and Javelina taken also.

SDHNTR if you are looking for next year give me a call. Sorry it will not work out this year.


From: Quinn @work
RK- please send me your contact info. Interested in winter 2019.

From: RK
Quinn I can be reached by phone at (972) 523-5621 or by email at either or

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