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Space Rain Pants on sale
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Treeline 10-Apr-18
Cabela's has Space Rain pants on sale for about $35 if anybody is interested...

From: ohiohunter
Thanks for the heads up... What size everyone running?

From: Bou'bound
I’m running extra large to wear over other gear

From: Jaquomo
Thanks, Mike! At that price I had to get a spare pair.

From: yooper89
I picked up a pair as well. Have the jacket already.

From: t-roy
Thanks Mike! Great rain gear for the money.

From: Rut Nut
Thanks for the heads up! I bought another top when I could not find mine this Winter. For that price, I will get a spare pair of pants for when I find my original top! ;-)

To noisy

From: Scrappy
Thanks for helping me spend more money. I wasn't looking to replace what I had but for the price and packability I couldn't say no. Free shipping if you spend fifty bucks, so been looking at the sea to summit 20L stuff sack that is also a pump to air up you're sleeping pad. To my surprise cabelas was almost five bucks cheaper than other places. I feel like I made out like a bandit this morning.

You're welcome guys.

I wear 33-34 waist pants and I picked up a pair of size large for elk hunting. I already have an old pair that are kind of beat up and I also have a newer pair of XL's that I bought out of the bargain gave in a store and I use them for treestand hunting over heavier layers.

The nice thing about Space Rain is that they're so light they're easy to pack...

From: Brijake
Thanks for the heads up, just picked up a pair. Now need the jacket to go on sale!

From: Glunt@work
Great product. My buddy and I were on Kodiak in a super wet heavy snow. I had mt50 and was soaked after a couple hours. He had space rain over his normal clothing and stayed dry. I grabbed a set when I got home. It is noisy but if it's raining hard enough to wear it, it's rarely a factor.

From: Inshart
Dido - Brijake

From: Tilzbow
It’s great high country early season rain gear to keep you dry when the thunder storms hit.

when I ordered yesterday they were out,,,, only had the bottoms in large left, in woodland pine,,,,,, needed the top for my wife,,,, oh well

From: DonVathome
Thanks for heads up I love that rain gear and need a new pair. My current pair is medium and it fits great (32"-33" waste). I put it on over thin sitka paints easily. Do you think a large could work? Large is the "smallest" size available on sale.

From: Bou'bound
What camo pattern you Guys running on these

XL seclusion pattern for mine. I need a top. Mike, let me know when they go on sale. :^)

From: midwest
I ended up never wearing the pants. I throw the top on for the occasional rain/snow squall, crawl under a pine, and end up walking my pants dry so I gave the pants away.

From: CurveBow
I have used the Space Rain for many backcountry hunts. Its about the lightest, most compact stuff out there! While I also own other raingear, the Space Rain is so light & compact, its always in my pack in case its needed. Its not the most durable stuff, but nothing that duct tape on the inside can't fix! And, it works very well in rainy weather too!

From: wishunter
I picked up a pair of the pants at the Richfield WI store off the clearance rack for $24 Saturday.

My size Large Western Zonz came yesterday.

It might be too late DonV but I think the size large would work fine for you.

From: Treeline
Ordered a set in large in Western Zonz. With the points I had it came out to $12.

Now just need to keep an eye out for another top.

Can't beat that deal! Great to have in your pack for most situations, although my last pair were not up to a wild horseback trip through scrub brush...

Bought some heavier duty Kuiu rain gear for that application though!

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