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Limcroma safari and ken moody
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Anyone ever been hunting with either of these guys. What did you hunt and how was your experience also are they fenced or free range?

From: Buffalo1
I hunted with Ken Moody in 2011. Had a very successful hunt- killed the South African Spiral Slam in 8 1/2 days of hunting.

I have no knowledge of any outfitter operations in RSA that is not high fenced. It is just the way of life. Some properties I have hunted on have been double fenced.

If you are not into high fencing it would be wise to avoid RSA, a good portion of Namibia. Most places that I have hunted in RSA and Namibia I’ve seen the fence twice- when entering property and when departing property. Would suggest taking a compass or GPS unit with you to avoid getting lost.

From: kota-man
Ken actually has a free range place in RSA Greg. (And some fenced ones as well.)

I’ve hunted with Ken 3 times. (RSA, Zimbabwe and Mozambique) First rate, fantastic hunts. Can’t go wrong. I always loved the fact that Ken is on “our side of the pond”. Some of his new places look amazing. Book in confidence with Ken.

From: t-roy
Heard nothing but good things about Ken Moody, although I have no personal experience with his operation.

Hunted with Limcroma in 2014 and give them rave reviews on all fronts. I would go back with them again in a heartbeat! Like buffalo1 stated, lots of high fenced areas in RSA, however, many of these enclosures are huge (1,000s of acres each in many cases). The animals we hunted were very wary and were in no way tame.

From: swatmedic
I'm sure you couldn't go wrong with any of the African outfits who are sponsors here on Bowsite. They are all reputable, and there are lots of hunting reports on most of them in the outfitter's section. I suggest you read them all and make a decision based on your particular goals and expectations.

A buddy and myself hunted with Limcroma in 2015 after researching about a dozen outfitters. We wanted to find an outfit with considerable bow hunting experience and exceptional trophy quality. After recommendations from several Bowsiters who have hunted with them, we decided upon Limcroma. Our expectations were exceeded by every measure. I can't imagine having a better bow hunting experience. I have recommended them to other hunters several times since our hunt and I plan on returning with a group in 2019. I have some unfinished business with a bushbuck that eluded me the first time around. Pm anytime if you have questions.

From: Buffalo1
Hoytbowhunter have you ck’d your PM’s?

I have hunted with Ken and would not hesitate to go back and hunt with him again. I've also hunted with 3 other RSA safari companies as well, and no...not all of them are fenced. The nice thing about dealing with Ken is that you are dealing with an American company so there are no problems with the money exchange, etc.

From: canesfan1

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We had an incredible trip with Limcroma Safaris. They came highly recommended from every resource we researched. They are a top notch outfit and we never had so much fun on an outfitted hunt. Huge bow-only properties, lots of game, and the food and accommodations blew us away.

Not that it mattered in our decision, but we paid our deposit and balance by personal check to their Texas business office. I think Hannes has family in Texas. You can also pay for any final costs with a personal check. The logistics from start to finish could not have been easier. I would also go back to Limcroma in a heartbeat.

From: GhostBird
Been with Ken Moody twice, 2009 & 2011, and would return in a heartbeat. Can't go wrong hunting with Ken.

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