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Arrow Impacts left at 50,60,&70
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From: hoyt-6190
I am in the process of sighting in my Hyperforce. I have a MBG Ascent Verdict on the bow and am shooting Easton Axis 340. I have sighted in 20,30,40 they seemed to be fine and hit the bull. But when I shot at 50 my arrows were roughly 1-2" left of the bull, 60 was 3-4'' left of the bull and at 70 I was hitting 5-7" left. Would this just be as simple as hand torque or do you think I might need to slightly move my rest to the right? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.

if you have good arrow flight move your sight.

you need a third access sight

From: hoyt-6190
So move it left at 20 again? The sight is a 3rd axis sight and has been leveled on all three levels by a MBG dealer.

From: Ucsdryder
Have you walk back tuned it? YouTube walk back tuning or French tuning. It’s not a sight problem. When doing walk back I like to shoot at 3 yards first to guarantee I am right on left and right. Then move to 20.

The other option is the further away you get it’s causing you anxiety and you’re pulling your shots or torquing the bow?

Either way, start with walk back and see.

Was the wind blowing? Might not have been enough to notice at 40 or less? Shoot again tomorrow and see

From: hoyt-6190
Wind was not blowing enough today to see that drastic of a movement. I have shot in way worse (windy) conditions and seen less effect. I was planning on shooting again tomorrow to see if it was me or not. I am almost thinking it is just me over thinking things which then magnify problems or if it needs to be french or walk back tuned.

From: WapitiBob
3rd axis has no affect on flat ground.

your pins need to be perpendicular to the level so the stack is vertical from top to bottom when the level is level. You can set the level to the bow or the string, it doesn't matter; the sole purpose of the level is to keep the pin stack or sight bar vertical. Once that's done set your center shot with walk back tuning, provided the bow is reasonably tuned. if you're way out in spine they'll track a bit off line.

Stop torquing your bow.

From: Bou'bound
unless you are shooting prarrie dogs at 70 yards being 5" off is not an issue.

From: DanaC
Plunger spring set slightly too stiff, (if using) or arrows slightly too stiff. Would be hardly noticeable until you get way out there.

From: Trial153
Your tune is off. You need to adjust either your spine or center shot. Walk back tune and it call it a day.

From: Hawkeye
Your centershot is off IMO. Youtube walk back tune and will help.

If your centershot is sound though it could be human error as you're getting out there a bit.

You could also shoot a bareshaft at 20 yards and see if it's severely nock right. This would support your centershot being off and LEFT misses with broadheads within 30 yards and field point drift past 50.

You can yolk tune the hyperforce which is nice.

Keep us posted.

From: Brotsky
+1 Eyad. Your centershot is very slightly off.

From: HDE
Shoot a broadhead, that will tell if something is off besides sight alignment.

From: APauls
Would this not be a simple case of further distances showing what you can't see at 20? For starters I'd start with the easy solution (assuming you like your arrow flight) and simply tick the sight housing over a touch until your 70 is on, then work your way back to 20 and see if they are all on the money. Sometimes the minute change you make to your sight to adjust at 70 you "don't really notice" the change at 20, s you'll still be in the bull. You've stated that you are "in the bull" at 20,30,40 but we don't know how big "your" bull is. If it's a softball sized target or something then there's lots of room to move and still be in the bull. If it's a golf tee, well, then, no.

From: cnelk
A couple things I have done when my grouping 'suffers' at longer distances

1- Canting my bow a tad [gotta watch the bubble]

2- Peeking at the shot too soon. Meaning Im looking to see where I hit instead of the normal follow thru

It's your tune, your kant, or your bubble. Yoke to tune if your center shot is correct already, with no contact, and with correct arrow spine. Simple bubble check on level door jam etc. and so on.

From: Treeline

From: carcus
Center the rest, thats all, if your out of tune then start twisting yokes, if you don't have static yokes sell it and get a bow that has them!lol

From: x-man
I am inclined to believe it is either a tuning issue or hand torque. My advise is to shoot several hundred shots over the course of the next few weeks. This will tell you. If this stays consistent, it's a tuning issue. If it comes and goes, it's you. A fixed blade broadhead will multiply the issue either way.

From: Inshart
I didn't read all the posts so if this was already addressed - sorry.... I had the same issue and finally discovered my sight was tilted slightly and showed up at the longer distances. Used a small shim and corrected the issue.

From: hoyt-6190
Well went out and shot again this evening. I found the culprit and feel I should have looked there first. I found a couple of the screws were loose enough so that my pin housing was able to move a little. Guess I'll get it leveled back up and see if the issue is resolved.

From: Glunt@work
It wasn't that long a go when hitting 3-4" off center bull at 60 yards resulted in a high five. :^)

From: cath8r
Move your rest maybe a 'light 32nd to the right and try again.

From: PREZ
You need to column tune/French tune....3rd axis has nothing to do with it.

From: Shawn
Sorry but most folks cannot keep their arrows inside 12-15"s at 70 yards and 1 to 2 inches at 50 is awesome. That means you would shoot a 4" group at 50 yards. Not many folks can do that! Shawn

Your either torquing the hell out of the bow, punching the trigger, shaking or need to move ur sight to the left.

From: horseshoe
If you have the same problem after "leveling back up" .... "20, 30 and 40 seem to be ok" are they? Or are they progressively just a bit more left of the center of the center like the 50, 60 and 70 keep hitting just a bit more left? IMHO you might just not be fully sighted in. As others have said, try moving the sight a smidge to the left to move the impact to the right. Do this to center the long shots first. The short shots should then be closer to true center as well.

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