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Late Spring Effect
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Stubbleduck 09-Apr-18
Alexis Desjardins 09-Apr-18
spike buck 09-Apr-18
From: Stubbleduck
Looks like a late spring, at least in Manitoba. What effect might this have on the spring bear hunt? One outfitter I know suggests it will limit the amount of natural food thus increasing activity at baits.

It won’t make much difference about feeding they will come if the feed is what they want ,there will be nice hides on most part. Good luck

From: spike buck

spike buck's embedded Photo
spike buck's embedded Photo
This is May 5th 2017, W. Ontario... Imagine hunting bears from a treestand in this!! At the same time last year, Alex Desjardins was experiencing ideal bear hunting weather in Manitoba!!! At our camp week of May 14th 2017, all hunters had opportunity at bears, with all but 1 tagging.

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