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Balansa Clover
Whitetail Deer
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swiggy 10-Apr-18
MK111 10-Apr-18
swiggy 16-Apr-18
bobcat 17-Apr-18
From: swiggy
Our hunting club is planning to plant balansa clover this spring in northern tier of Pa.The plot has been limed and fertilized with 10-20-20. Ph is 6.2 before limed.This area has a good number of deer,turkey and way too many bears. Open for suggestions.Thanks

From: MK111
Review the Food Plot Review just posted on the poor results of balansa clover. But as Pat states he doesn't really know why.

From: swiggy
MK..thanks for your response. We are going to go ahead and try to plant this clover with extra attention to add potash...0-0-60 is still cheap in our area and will put on right after green up.

From: bobcat

Check the recommended planting dates on this link. You won't really see the benefits of it until the next year. It's hard to establish, can't just sow it on top, but when done right can produce a lot of forage.

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