Wild Game Cooked Japanese Style
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From: DL

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Just preparing the charcoal is an art. I would love to try the game they are cooking. The duck looks great. Back in the 70s I was in Japan and ate at a place similar to this. They cooked Sukiyaki right in front of us. They used Kobe beef. One of the most incredible meals I have ever had. Wonderful flavors. It was so simply cooked but just the right seasonings and ingredients. The Japanese turn cooking into an art form.

From: Inshart
That venison really looked good!

From: yooper89
That video was incredible. The food looked tremendous and the history of the cooking was fascinating.

From: greg simon
I'm hungry now. That looks so good but evidently you can't eat there unless you "know someone".

Wow! That looks awesome. Definitely on my bucket list.

I loved how even the uncooked food looked appetizing.

From: midwest
I was fortuate to spend a week in Japan a few years ago and hung out with a Japanese native that had moved to the states. The food and experiences were amazing. One of the top five experiences of my life. Fantastic culture and people!

Wow that looked good

From: MarkU
May have to start shooting ducks again.

Also eyeballing my neighbors fat cat.

From: TD
Interesting, I've never seen that much fat on venison.... and I think I've had poached duck before but never asked where it came from..... =D

I've had venison backstrap sashimi (raw fish/meat) before, the dark red meat even looks a bit like the "traditional" tuna normally used..... melt in da mouth if done right..... the raw axis sliced so thin you could almost see through it..... simple wasabe/shoyu dipping sauce.... ice cold beer... good stuff...

Love going to "tepanyaki" style places..... you sit around the "grill" as the chef prepares your meal in front of you. It's an entire show, similar to the video. The diners are supposed to sit around the table watching the chef cook your personal food and then eat it as it comes off the "grill".

This is a culture that take the making..... and drinking.... something as simple as tea.... into a religious experience.

I'm thinking some trad shooters would really get into it..... =D


I'd love to been the guy he was making that for. My kind of cooking and eating right there. I HATE supermarket foods!!!!!!!

From: rooster
I have had the opportunity to work and travel throughout Japan, beginning in the middle eighties through the nineties. On one trip during some time off we took a bullet train to Nikko, a mountain resort town and stayed at a traditional Japanese hotel. To town was famous for a waterfall, hot springs, and snow monkeys. It was there that I had the only trout that I ever liked, and it was cooked exactly (yake-tori) as shown in the video.

Excellent video, thank you

From: oldgoat
Wonder what it would cost if you could get in?

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