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Arrow weight questions?
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Xbowdoctor95 11-Apr-18
wildwilderness 11-Apr-18
drycreek 11-Apr-18
Buck Watcher 11-Apr-18
12yards 11-Apr-18
skipmaster1 11-Apr-18
buc i 313 11-Apr-18
Xbowdoctor95 11-Apr-18
wildwilderness 12-Apr-18
From: Xbowdoctor95
So I know that this can be an annoyingly over asked question I'm sure, but I recently came across some 125 grain COC fixed blades that I really like, and I shoot a 30" 5mm FMJ 340 spine. Would I be able to shoot that? I group very well with my 125 grain field tips ( I grabbed some before deciding to just ask), but I had somebody ask me about my set up and when I told them, they said that he felt I was "under spined". Thoughts? I shoot the Halon 32 at about 65# but I also can get it up to 75#. I would like to have a setup that is versatile for a multitude of species. Any info may help!

PS. I'm not looking for new set up recommendations, or being told that 100 grain BH is just fine. I get that. I am just wondering if going to 125 grains is possible. Thank you in advance!

I'm no expert but it seems that you should be fine shooting 125 gr BH, especially at 65# What is your draw length? A 30" shaft is pretty long.... if you feel it is under spined then you would reduce draw weight or shorten the shaft (or both). I would guess you have at least an inch extra on your shafts.

From: drycreek
Try it and see, that's the only way you're gonna know for sure. Small matter to shoot a few times with a 125 gr. field point.

From: Buck Watcher
All will you get here are opinions. The ONLY way to find out is to screw one on and see if you can get it to shoot with FP. You already have them.

From: 12yards
I agree with Wildwilderness. If you have a 30-31" draw length, you might be underspined. If you are under a 30" draw length, cut an inch or two off your arrows and you will be good to go with 125 grain head.

From: skipmaster1
Walk back tune with your 125 grain FP's and know for sure.

From: buc i 313
First and foremost do as Buck Watcher, suggest's.

If you are shooting / grouping "very well" with your 125 gr field tips you should be fine with the BH, if it is a quality BH.

Getting the BH to hit with your TP's may require a little / slight tweaking of your bow ?

Overall the shaft should be fine @ 65 lbs.

From: Xbowdoctor95
Here in my neck of the woods inWisconsin we don't have an indoor spot to shoot BH's. So I have to weight till it's not below freezing to shoot. My draw length is 30" so I could be wrong but I believe that my arrows are close. I have noticed that with the FP's my arrows have been shooting to the left. So perhaps I will have to have my shop double check the tune. But, I believe that 125 on a 340 shaft should be doable? I mean for god sake I've seen some people using 340 shafts, a 125 grain tip, and an outsert. But, I know that opinions are what I'm getting, I just don't need an arrow to explode or whatnot. I have a hog hunt coming up and want to make sure that I'm not under arrowed here. Thanks.

If your DL is 30" then you easily can cut an inch off your arrows if you are worried they are under spined. I've shot a 30" DL with 28.5" shafts easily. With your fmj you can cut off the nock end to not have to mess with the hit insert. Would be a good excuse to try a new colors on your vanes!

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