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OnX Maps Private Landowner Issue
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stick n string 11-Apr-18
Grubby 11-Apr-18
onX Hunt 11-Apr-18
grubby 11-Apr-18
Mark Watkins 11-Apr-18
SBH 11-Apr-18
Bullhound 12-Apr-18
I had to uninstall and then re-download my onX maps app this past weekend. When I got it back on the phone and running, my Pennsylvania map has the private landowners listed like before. On my Maryland map though I cannot get the private to turn on. For that matter, I can't even get the public land layer to turn on. Does anybody know what I need to do to get that back to functioning?

From: Grubby
Yes, contact onX

From: onX Hunt
Hello Stick n String, First check which type of membership you have, if it is a Premium that is for a single state but if it is Elite that is all 50 state's. Feel free to send me a message or like Grubby said contact our customer support team at 406-540-1600 or help@onxmaps.com and we'll look up your email address to see what's going on so we can get you up and running!

From: grubby
customer support is great! They even answer stupid questions. I know.

From: Mark Watkins
Love my OnX app!!!


From: SBH
I'll second the customer support. They are ON IT! Maybe should be called ONIT MAPS? I've sent messages in the field and got responses within minutes before. Everytime it was me being a dumbass but either way, they were quick and solved my problem on the spot.

From: Bullhound
I have been very happy with OnX maps while using my Garmin products. Support has been there as well.

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