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What map app or program do I want?
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JTV 11-Apr-18
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From: SDHNTR(home)
Please forgive my ignorance here. I'm an oldschool paper map kind of guy and always have been. I know the tech advances in the mapping area have been significant in recent years. I need to get with the program. I don't really even know what I'm asking so bear with me please...

I'd like to be able to use my Iphone to see where I am on a map, see property boundaries, land status, set waypoints, find features like springs and water holes, trails, roads, landmarks, etc. I know I can do this with a chip compatible GPS, but how do I do this on a smart phone? Having to buy and keep all the chips is kind of a PITA. What phone app do I need/want? Do I need a cell signal to make this work? Is it a monthly or annual service? Make me like a millennial on this stuff please. Thanks.

From: Destroyer350
Check out OnXmaps. I just renewed my membership and its $29 for a year. I think Randy Newberg has a promo code for 20% off - RANDY. You can use it out of service if you cache the maps ahead of time. Its really easy to do. Theres also quite a few videos out there to help you use it. Youll want to make sure you get a bank charger so your phone wont die when you need it. I would recommend any of Anker's products.

From: APauls
Well Nate, nothing will make you a millennial, and that's prob a good thing ;) I don't use OnX maps, but I do use HuntStand regularly. It will do all the features you mention other than the property boundaries. I research property boundaries, and then draw them on myself on HuntStand where I think I will need them. Works with and without cell service. It is a free app.

As far as I know any app that has preloaded boundaries will cost money, as there is definitely purchased investment there upfront by the app maker.

From: midwest
The Bowsite majority seems to favor Gaia

From: eddie c
I was camping at a state park recently and struck up a conversation with a park ranger. he showed me Avenza maps on his phone that they were using for property maps, trail maps and forest service maps. he said it had the ability to drop different map overlays on each other. looked interesting. I was going to download it but my phone is too old for that app.

From: JTV
Just for marking the local state lands and stand locations, i use HuntStand and Scoutlook ... I use both to check wind directions for the day and what locations to hunt ... I now have around 40 stand locations saved .... for finding ownership in Indiana, use the Beacon/Schneider Gis site to look at property lines/acerage and ownership... it may not be available for all states or counties, but for those that are, you can get great info including taxes paid and the worth of the land in question

From: JTV

JTV's Link
here is the link to Beacon/Schneider ^^^

I use it on my Laptop all the time...

open site, pick the state, find the county, pick open maps,

From: Overland
Gaia Premium.

I've used Avenza. Had trouble getting it to work reliably. My business partner uses On X. I use Gaia. Just be aware whatever you use that it is just a tax map. And, the boundaries may not be correct. God Bless

From: md5252
GAIA Premium x2

From: SDHNTR(home)
Trying out On X. Like the content, but man it sure is slow to load and change the screen data as you move and scroll around the map. Is that just me or is it slow by nature for you guys too?

Thanks for the suggestions.

From: Scar Finga
Never liked the ON X. as you said, slow and I never felt it to be real accurate. I just went back to a simple GPS and a really good map. I also keep a compass with me at all times.

Just Another Old Guy!

From: onX Hunt
Sorry to hear any issues of it being slow as that has not been an issue for quite some time. I'd recommend making sure your app is the most up to date version, as well as check your phone for any software updates. If you are in an area with poor service, it is a good idea to us downloaded maps cause then they will pull right up for you.

From: Arrowhead
If your old school and want something "simple" and "free" then "Huntstand" will work just fine. I like it and it helps me keep up with all my stand sites. It has a simply tutorial even I can understand.

From: Trial153
I run Gaia on my phone, also onx.

From: Elkhntr101
Gaia works great!

From: WapitiBob

WapitiBob's Link
I just went back and looked at Basemap. It looks pretty good to me.

From: Michael
I never had that great of luck with Onx. Mine locked up a lot on me. I ended up going to Trimble for a few years and liked that. When Gaia came along I tried that and haven’t looked back. Gaia premium is a very good investment.

From: GBTG
GAIA maps for the last couple months.... I'm impressed!

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