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Idaho Grizzly hunt
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Michael 12-Apr-18
ohiohunter 12-Apr-18
N-idaho 12-Apr-18
Outdoordan 12-Apr-18
Dino 12-Apr-18
IdyllwildArcher 13-Apr-18
ELKMAN 13-Apr-18
BullBuster 13-Apr-18
Lefty 01-May-18
YZF-88 01-May-18
elkstabber 02-May-18
IdyllwildArcher 02-May-18
From: Michael

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I hope this will come to be. With only one tag I am assuming an idaho resident will be able to hunt a Grizzly.

From: ohiohunter
It will have to start somewhere, pretty sweet if you ask me.

From: N-idaho
i hope so, between me and a friend, we have 7 grizzlies on camera one is a big boar

From: Outdoordan
Wouldn't that be awesome!

From: Dino
Pls share the love...we need to reinstate the Alberta hunt! We have a ton of G bears. Good luck Idaho!

Good news. MT needs to follow suit.


Lets not forget who is leading on this AS USUAL...

From: BullBuster
F&g will probably say griz counts as your sole controlled hunt ap. That would be lame.

From: Lefty
It will also be a O-I-L hunt. There was early talk that non res tag would be 10x the expensive state tag. lots of decent info that will or could change on the IDFG site

From: YZF-88
No doubt a good first step. I submitted a comment that if it is for residents only (probably is), to specify it in the application book.

From: elkstabber
Am I the only one wondering why WY is giving out 24 tags and ID is only giving out 1? I would have guessed 2-6. Anyhow, it is progress and we should all be glad for that.

WY has way more grizz than ID, 6-10 times as many, besides having far far more core grizz country where the grizz are thick and well-established as opposed to sparsely populated as more of the ID bears are. ID's bears are in more than one population whereas WY's bears are contiguous with large untouchable reservoirs in YSNP and GTNP.

That said, they could have started with more than 1; they're being conservative/cautious. I'm surprised WY started with 24 when 2-3 years ago they were talking about 4-6. I wouldn't doubt that ID increases the amount slightly next year provided there's no "events."

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