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Whitetail Deer
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From: bfisherman11
I have a patch in one of my plots that gets shaded by a couple big oaks. Usually I have some clover there that will grow but it is sparse.... I wish I could plant some peas, beans or something else but figure EVERYTHING needs sun....

Anyhow, any suggestions? No big deal. Its just a 50' x 30' patch out of my whole plot but I wanted to experiment here. Ha


From: 1boonr
It’s not just the shade, the roots on them oaks are taking up all the water in that area.

From: Inshart
Not only that - Oaks have a very acidic system that will just about kill anything below it but moss. I've tried about everything and if it weren't for them being nice acorn producers, I would make firewood out of them.

From: drycreek
Yes, all of the above.

From: Glunker
I assume walnut trees are even harder to plant close too. Leaves are sparse so shade is less a problem than oaks but walnut husk are extra acidic? Any food plot compatible with walnuts.

From: Scrappy
Better stay out of those shady areas, you might get mugged or raped or killed. Didn't your momma teach you no better?

From: bfisherman11
Ha Scrappy, well a few deer have met their end in that spot... LOL

From: Scott/IL
Try giving winter rye and oats a go. I seem to have pretty good luck with it in some shady areas and deer love it.

From: BullBuster
Lime around trees. Won’t hurt them.

From: sitO
Newsflash...Oaks produce acorns, leave it be and just friggin hunt

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