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From: Alzy
I am contemplating two arrow weights out of a Reign 6 at 70 pounds and 29 inch draw; 450 grains and 600 grains. I don’t have access to a chronograph; approximately what speed would I be at for each arrow? I’m looking at an arrow drop chart at each yardage and just curious.

From: carcus
The 450 gr will be doing between 285 and 300 fps, not sure on the 600, thats too heavy!lol 450 to 500 grain is the perfect balance between speed and weight..Good choice in bows, not a better bow on the market

From: JTV

JTV's Link
here, use this online calculator to get an aprox. speed ... got to know your bows IBO rating, Draw length, arrow weight, draw weight, etc..... aprox weight on string is around 20 grs as an aprox unless you use one of those crappy rubber dohickys to pull your peep straight .. ....

From: Bou'bound
there is also online info on how to use the drop from one point of impact to another at known yardages to calculate speed. how much below your 20 yard POI is your 30 yard group if you shoot your 20 yard pin at 30, example


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My Prodigy is at 72lbs with 29inch draw. I shoot a 435grain gold tip 7595. It chrono'd at 296fps at the shop last year. Arrow had PLENTY of KE to zip through a cow elk and mature whitetail. 600grains seems like overkill in my mind unless you are going to hunt moose or buff... Pete

From: JTV
with a good 125 gr COC head, I find no need to go much over 425-450grs for elk, Caribou black bear... esp. at the speeds I shoot...Ive been in the 400 gr range for deer for over 20 years now, and never has penetration on BIG deer been a problem...never .. (GT XT's/75-95/340 XT's = 395grs or Velocity XT 340's at 375 grs)

From: Jaquomo
Like JTV and Pete said, your setup with a 450-500 grain package is good for anything in North America. Speed is irrelevant unless you plan to enter a speed contest.

I helped a little 64 year old gal kill a moose with a 45 lb longbow and 450 grain arrows. Probably about 170 fps. Got full penetration and that moose died so quickly it didn't care how fast the arrow hit.

From: Bowboy
It's the momentum that counts not the speed. Like stated your set-up is fine.

From: Alzy
Thanks guys-estimates were right on according to jtvs link. It’s for a drop hunt in northern BC for moose. I’m surprised no one argued for the heavy arrow; it could be your friend on a misplaced shot. I Replaced 4 Blazers for 3 4 inch feathers to increase F.O.C. and am now at 555 grains. I’m leaning towards this arrow; not much of a difference at 25 yards, and beyond that I always range find before I shoot.

From: Buck Watcher
My moose arrow is 584 grains.

From: Glunker
Ok, I chime in. Either arrow is ok. I like the heavier one for a quieter shop, less stress on the bow and better penetration. Heavier arrow will be more stable in flight and will magnify a shooting form flaw less than a faster hunting arrow. Good luck with the swamp donkeys.

From: Kurt
I shot a Canadian moose with 375 gr arrow from a 65# Mathews Drenalin w/3 blade replaceable blade head. Passed thru from 35 yds and never found it in the swamp beyond. Any of your arrows will work fine. Good luck with your hunt and shoot them in the correct spot!

From: Buffalo1
Many years ago I was given this formula at a bow shop. Through the years I have found it to give a pretty good estimate for speed. This formula is based on the given speed of a bow 70# bow @ 350 gr. arrow with a 30" draw

(1) For every 10# less than 70# subtract 20 fps

(2) For every 1" less than 30" subtract 10 fps

(3) Take the number of gr of arrow over 360 and divide by 3: the quotient is the number to be subtracted from fps.

Example: Shooting a 50# bow at 28 1/2" with a 500 gr. arrow- Given bow speed is 335 fps.

50# bow is = -40 fps 1 1/2" less draw = -15 fps 500-360 = 140/3= -46 fps Total subtracted fps= -101 fps

335 fps advertised speed -101 fps 234 fps is the estimated speed of the 50# bow @ 28 1/2" with a 500 gr. arrow

From: Ziek
Like Jaquomo said, "Speed is irrelevant unless you plan to enter a speed contest."

I shoot 550 grains out of a 65# Hoyt CE. It works great on everything from tiny whitetails to Alaska moose.

From: PECO
If you have a smartphone, you can download a chrono app, they are supposedly pretty accurate. You can also get a real chrono for about $100.

From: LKH
I used to shoot 700 grain Forgewoods out of a longbow at about 165 fps. Made a big difference on a Kudu and elk, but have since dropped back. Those Forgewoods had the trajectory of a fat rock.

From: HDE
Speed is not irrelevant...

Speed? It is but one factor. I like a balance. I am amused by those who shoot super light arrows for a few more fps. I am also amused by those who feel they need more that 1000 grains for penetration.

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