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What happened to Easton Axis??
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JCHB 14-Apr-18
oldgoat 14-Apr-18
wildwilderness 14-Apr-18
ohiohunter 15-Apr-18
JCHB 16-Apr-18
From: JCHB
I've always used Easton Axis arrows in 300 spine for my general hunting requirements. My usual supplier no longer has these in stock. What have they been replaced by?

From: oldgoat

oldgoat's Link
Looks like you just need to find a new dealer

might be the name change to the 5mm axis. On my elk/heavy set up I use the 300 with 75gr brass insert. Really works well!

From: ohiohunter
I’m pretty excited about the axis pro offering.

From: JCHB
Wow! Thats why I love Bowsite! Thanks for the link Oldgoat. JCHB.

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