Vortex Broadheads
Unit 61 Colorado
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Cazador 14-Apr-18
Nesser 15-Apr-18
Peter Denzin 15-Apr-18
Treeline 15-Apr-18
bowonly 15-Apr-18
Cazador 16-Apr-18
cnelk 16-Apr-18
From: Cazador
I will be drawing unit 61 archery this year as a resident. If anyone would like to share info from past hunts, please feel free to PM me. I'd like to get a few out of the way places/starting points to avoid stepping on other people that will surely draw this year.

From: Nesser
I’ve got some areas to check out I’ll text you this week Chad.

From: Peter Denzin
No experience their but best of luck this fall!

From: Treeline
No knowledge of 61 at all, but I wish you luck and hope you get a big bull to go with that awesome ram this fall! Good luck!

From: bowonly
I hunted it in 2010 for 21 days. If limited on time, I would suggest hunting the last part of the season than the first part. We wore ourselves out starting on the first day and things were really heating up when we left. It was a magical hunt though.

From: Cazador

Cazador's Link
Pretty cool link. Would love to know what happened. Camera guy looked like he was in great position. That was a great bull in every sense of the word!

From: cnelk
I know those guys. They hunted 61 the year after I did.

It was also a great miss :(

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