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Sous Vide Help!
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Stalker 17-Apr-18
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TD 17-Apr-18
From: Stalker
I just got my Sous Vide and used the recipe on the app for salmon. turned out pretty good except on the instructions they should have said to rinse the salmon after letting it sit in the fridge. Now I'm going to cook some elk backstrap and can't find a recipe and not too worried about that, but I'm seeing a lot of different times and temps to cook this at. Help

From: AlleninNM
Cook it at the temperature that will result in the level of desired doneness. 130-135 for medium rare, etc. I go at least an hour. Longer is not a problem. Some may say that if you are going to be less than 140, you need to go no longer than three hours. But temps above 130 will kill all the bad stuff if left for more than three hours.

From: Ace
If it's a tender cut 45 minutes to an hour should be fine (somewhat dependant on thickness) if it's a less tender cut it will benefit greatly from more time, as the collagen will break down further giving it more flavor and a much better texture. I have seen recipes for things like brisket that suggest as long as 48 hours (cover the container to limit evaporation). If I was doing a chuck steak, I'd go at least 3-4 hours. If it was a rib eye or T-bone I'd probably do it for an hour. When it's done, pat it dry and brown it in a very hot pan or on a really hot grill.

From: Deertick
Ace ... I think you have answered a question I had.

I've really liked my sous vide. At first, it cooked everything perfectly. But this week, Wife and I had deer steaks and they were just a bit rubbery. Disappointing. I couldn't figure it out. Then ... you mentioned the important variable: time.

I tell people about how there is a "large window" of time with sous vide, and this is a plus, but I think I'm pushing it too quickly.

From: TD
I've done a couple hind roasts for 24 hours to 130 and 133 with thyme and a bay leaf in the bag. Seasoned and seared after in a hot pan of olive oil and they are great, come out awesome. Funny thing, when I tried a temp a couple degrees more done I didn't think I would notice any difference. There was actually a noticeable difference and I'm going back to 130...... might even try 128 at some point. Maybe it was just the meat itself, that's possible. But IMO just a couple degrees does make a difference, especially when it's exactly the same throughout the roast and not more done near the outside and less done in the center. Gotta find your happy place..... =D

If i'm not sure how long, I'll error on the long side. It isn't a method to cook and eat soon for sure. In fact I kind of like the long cooks as I can set it the evening (or next morning) before and it's ready in the next evening.

Makes killer lobster too. But even that takes 20-30 minutes as opposed to just a few minutes on the grill or broiler. But it's perfect. I like perfect......

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