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R.I.P. Dr.Maurus 'Moose' Sorg
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NvaGvUp 17-Apr-18
Bou'bound 17-Apr-18
Chris S 18-Apr-18
TrapperKayak 18-Apr-18
Keef 18-Apr-18
Mad Trapper 18-Apr-18
NvaGvUp 18-Apr-18
TurboT 19-Apr-18
From: NvaGvUp
Yesterday I learned that Doctor Maurus Sorg, my partner in the "Getting and Staying in Sheep Shape" seminar at The Sheep Show for the past five years, died in a tragic accident last weekend.

He was working on some property he owned in PA and apparently was killed in an accident involving his tractor.

"Moose" was a good friend and as fine a gentleman as you could ever hope to know.

I shall miss him.

"Last Sheep Camp."

From: Bou'bound
Sorry to hear that. You guys teams up on an excellent article the benefited many.

From: Chris S
Sorry to hear. Life is short live to the fullest. Hug your kids

From: TrapperKayak
I am also very sorry to hear about your friend. My condolences, may he rest with the Lord and his loved ones be comforted in knowing that.

From: Keef
Sorry to hear of his passing. Didn't know him but from my reading, he was a good man. Any idea of what kind of accident he had? I ask because I have a farm and a tractor and am always concerned about safety and try to avoid any situations that jeopardize my safety.

From: Mad Trapper

From: NvaGvUp

I only know he was working on some property he owns in PA and that a tractor was involved. I would guess perhaps he was on a steep sidehill and rolled it, but that's only a guess.

From: TurboT
Sad to hear this. I really liked his demeanor and knowledge. My joints will forever thank him for recommending Turmeric.

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