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Bob Lee Archery Ex Job!
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marvelous 17-Apr-18
Shug 17-Apr-18
OkieJ 17-Apr-18
Treeline 17-Apr-18
Scar Finga 17-Apr-18
midwest 18-Apr-18
drycreek 18-Apr-18
76aggie 19-Apr-18
bud 19-Apr-18
BigOk 19-Apr-18
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midwest 20-Apr-18
Rut Nut 20-Apr-18
3arrows 20-Apr-18
TwoDogs@work 20-Apr-18
wannaelk 20-Apr-18
From: marvelous
I sent in a Bob Lee take down bow that I was given by a dying friend. It was a 60# bow. I could shoot it but it was not fun. I call JJ at Bob Lee bows. What a nice ,knowledgable man. He told me they could do a weight reduction and check the bow out, send new bolts , string and refinish the bow. It took 3 weeks just like he said. I got the bow back yesterday and WOW it is a new bow. The reduction is perfect. The bow looks brand new. Shoots wonderful. Thanks Bob Lee Bows for the great service. The price was great also. Dennis Howell

From: Shug
Nice...Kill some stuff in honor of your friend

From: OkieJ
I need to do this also. I sent You a PM.

From: Treeline
What Shug said!

From: Scar Finga
What he said, that Shug Said! ^^^^^

From: midwest

From: drycreek
Local shop and I ain't ever been in the door. Now that's a damn shame, because they have a great reputation. My exterminator also services them and own's a couple Bob Lee bows, and hunts with them. I think I should at least pay them a visit.

From: 76aggie
Both JJ and Rob are two of the finest men you will ever meet and make an excellent bow. Drycreek, you need to stop by their shop and visit. Thye will help you out any way they can.

From: bud
Well let's see some pictures of it! I always wanted one.

From: BigOk
I personally don't own one but know a couple of guys who do, they make a good bow.

From: Scoot
How did they accomplish a weight reduction in your bow? I didn't know they could do that.

From: midwest
Scoot, Diet and exercise. ;-)

From: Rut Nut
What type of cams does it have? ;-)

From: 3arrows
My go to bow for 35 years,how many cam bows would that be?

From: TwoDogs@work
I ordered a Bob Lee Recurve in 1994. Bob Lee himself called me to talk about my order. I received the bow in the time frame promised. Although, I have two other recurves and two longbows I still shoot the Bob Lee most of the time. It sounds like the customer service I received in 1994 still exists today.

From: wannaelk
How many pounds were they able to shave off?

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