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I missed the Colorado application
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From: ChasingFAHL
I have been building a few points and planned on hunting next year. I just realized I missed the application period since I was transitioning jobs before my next child arrives. Is there anything that I can do? Do I still get my points? HELP!!! Im freaking out...

From: joehunter
No points for 2018. OTC elk!

From: Z Barebow
I think you keep your points. (I think you have to miss two years in a row before you lose them). Nothing you can do about an additional point this year. Since you are hunting MD, a point or so likely isn't going to make or break your hunt choices.

From: cnelk
Points are good for 10 years without applying.

You may want to check the leftover list in August. Some good tags get turned in but you gotta be quick.

From: Thornton
OTC elk or a high dollar land owner tag are about your only options. If they do have leftovers this year, the chances of getting one seem like one in a million

From: TreeWalker
I missed NV one year. Thought had until midnight but was around 5pm that day when applications closed.

Never again. My spreadsheet was not a reminder so if I did not open then would not realize was close to a deadline.

I put reminders in Google Calendar that week after missing NV. The reminders for each application due are recurring each year and start at 10 am 1 month before deadline then reminds me again at 3 weeks, 2 weeks, 1 week and 1 day. Is a free program to use.

If I ignore all those emails then I deserve to miss out. I use the same calendar to remind me of birthdays, anniversaries and upcoming travel. I share with family members.

Good idea, Mitch!

From: cnelk
Otc is over hunted and success rates suck. :)

From: Treeline
You’re points are still there, just a miss for 2018. Lots of great deer and elk low point units that may be a better deal than holding out for 30 years...

Good luck with the new job and baby. Much more important than a point!

Every December, I sit down and look at all the app dates and put a reminder in my phone for the 21st of each month to do the next month's apps and list which ones I need to do. That way I never forget and as I do research and check season dates, I can also add in which units I'm putting in for that year so that when the reminder pops up, everything's there.

Sorry about your misfortune, but you missed the boat.

From: Brotsky
^^^That's a great idea Ike, I'm going to steal that!

From: Glunt@work
Don't let a silly thing like a limited tag keep you from elk hunting. Life is short. Being able to elk hunt on hundreds of thousands of acres of public land with a tag you can buy at Walmart the night before will be one of those things we or our kids look back on and call "The good old days".

From: ChasingFAHL
Thanks everyone! I intend to still hunt this year but Im heading to Montana for elk! I was just worried about losing the couple years of points that I have built up since my plan was to hunt mule deer in 2019. I try to have a 5 year plan for hunts so that I can experience all the hunts I want to before I get too old to do them(I'm 30 now lol).

From: MathewsMan
I guess since I get the Eastman's and other services e-mail subscribed, I actually get sick of the reminders

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