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Bare shaft tuning issue...
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McCree 18-Apr-18
loprofile 18-Apr-18
Pyrannah 18-Apr-18
x-man 18-Apr-18
JusPassin 18-Apr-18
Tilzbow 19-Apr-18
From: McCree
I have a question for the traditional guys out there. I've been attempting to bare shaft tune a recurve and cannot achieve anything but knock right impact. The bow is a Great Plains Rio Bravo, 54#@28". Brave height is set at 8.25". I have shot an array of arrows ranging from 340's to 500's, full length to cut shafts, 100-125 grain pts. It doesn't seem to matter what combination I try...it impacts knock right. I have a hard time believing a full length 500 spine shaft is over spined. Any ideas, suggestions? Thanks,

From: loprofile
If you are shooting in to a target it could just be the affect of the target material on the arrow. If so you might try paper tuning.

From: Pyrannah
I was having same issue for awhile.. I determined it was my inadequate release.. I hope this isn't your issue..

either way good luck, wish i could help more...

From: x-man
My guess is your string is going "around" your fingers instead of "past" your fingers.

Are you sure your limbs are not twisted slightly?

From: JusPassin
When you have a tuning issue, go to the extreme to verify it. Put a lot of weight, 200 gr or more on the front of the 500 and see what happens. Then work backwards. Try the same with the 340. Good way to see if it is really a spine issue.

From: Tilzbow
Try lowering your brace height. I don’t know that bow but many others are in the 7” to 8” range. I currently shoot Habus and they’re over 8” but they’re the exception compared to the other 8 to 10 brands I’ve owned.

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