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Limcroma on No Limits TV
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Firehuntfish 18-Apr-18
From: Firehuntfish

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We invite you to please check out the new season of No Limits Hunting TV on the Pursuit Channel hosted by our friends Brian & Alexis Spicer. Limcroma Safaris was once again featured as the host outfitter in several episodes of the new season. It was a lot of fun to have the No Limits crew back in camp once again. Many fantastic animals ended up in the salt with both bow & rifle, on the stalk and from the hides.

You can watch the new episodes on the Pursuit Channel every Monday at 9am and 9:30pm or Wednesdays at 1:30pm EST. You can also watch all of the episodes from the previous seasons from Limcroma on the No Limits Hunting website.

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