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New G5 Strikers are not satisfactory
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JTV 21-Apr-18
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LostNwoods 25-Apr-18
My goldtips match up very well with and spin QAD, Slicktrick, and HellRazors perfectly. I wanted to try the G5 Striker so I got a new box. Two of them have a terrible wobble. One spins perfectly, but even it has a loose blade you can hear if you move the broadhead. What now? Open for ideas. I may be back to elk hunting with HellRazors, which is fine as they have always spun perfectly for me.

From: JTV
yea, send 'em back

Has anyone else had issues with G5 broadheads? I mean really this is dissappointing that they can't make 3 out of 3 straight broadheads. Blades look great and the broadheads were packaged very well so as not to dull the blades. I don't think I have ever seen 2 out of 3 broadheads that would not work right.

From: RTJ1980
I've shot G5 Strikers for the last 6 years and killed 4 elk and 6 whitetail. I've never had an issue with them. My son also shoots them and has killed 2 whitetail. It sounds to me like you got a bad pack. I would call G5. I am sure they would make it right.

From: Boreal
Did you buy them from a retailer or online? Online they may be Chinese knock offs.

From: Bou'bound
One can do a lot better than G fives

From: StickFlicker
If you bought them on eBay, there's a very good chance they are cheap Chinese knock offs.

Purchased from Cabelas. Heads look to be manufactured very well, but the 2 just won't spin right.

I bought a pack of G5 strikers from Sportsmans wearhouse once and thought they were horrible/ wobbled blades dull poor machining etc. Returned them the same day and will never buy G5 again. I only bought them since the wac'ems were sold out. They all copied the wac'em design anyway but are worse quality.

From: Whocares
Not good to hear. I've used the 100 grain G5 Strikers for the last five years now and got 5 bulls with them. Four complete pass throughs and last year a quartering away shot that went through everything and was poking out the neck on the opposite side. Shot well in practice too. Wonder what they did to them. Probably have to buy a set and check them out. Hate to change.

From: tonyo6302
I have used 100 gr G5 Strikers for 9 years. I have got the best blood trails from them. Field Point accuracy.

.. .. ..

.. .. . ...

Razor sharp, quiet, the best damn broadhead I have ever killed game with.

From: longsprings
I have both the striker and wacems, look very similiar but the machining on the wacems is far superior to the g5 strikers and they almost always spin true the first time on the shaft, i am sold on the wacems for sure

From: TD
You said the blades were loose? Did you disassemble them and reassemble them tightly?

All honesty, I have not heard of that. I have friends who shoot Strikers and have nothing but good to say about them? I had a pack of Muzzys once that had a couple heads that were off. Reassembled and tightened and spun like a top again.....

From: leftee
Shot a lot of deer,bear and 2 elk with them a few years back.Flew as well as any head I tried.Great bloodtrails.Have actually thought of going back to them.Hard to believe.

Yes, I assembled and reassembled various times. Two of them are crooked. I also put some known broadheads on my arrows and they spun fine -- QAD, Slicktrick, HellRazor.

From: Mad Trapper
I have shot several big game animals with strikers. Always able to get them to fly with field points out to great distances. Great head. I would send them back to G5. Keep us posted. If their QC has changed, we need to know. Perhaps somebody from G5 can post a comment.

From: Russell
I would call the company ASAP.

From: PECO
I have only used Montecs from G5, they are a good head, the wife killed a deer with one last fall. Give them a call and let us know what is going on.

From: bdfrd24v
I used to use the strikers but they ferrules always bent and I never got more than one animal off of a head. Not the end of the world, but still I was hoping for better.

I never had a spin issue out of the box and they were very sharp blades with quick kills. I never lost an animal with one either.

From: LostNwoods
There are two washers to use.

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