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New Mexico Elk 21a Archery
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bjanecke13 22-Apr-18
trophyhill 22-Apr-18
WapitiBob 22-Apr-18
Firsty 22-Apr-18
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Buglmin 22-Apr-18
Cheesehead Mike 23-Apr-18
Treeline 23-Apr-18
From: bjanecke13
Just found out I was lucky enough to draw 21a. I've never been able to hunt new mexico let alone a portion of the gilla. I am going to try and get down and scout at some point but was wondering if there is anyone who can help me out with any info or pointers, or just what to expect as far as avg bulls etc. I am not asking for GPS coordinates just trying to get a better understanding of what I actually drew. Thanks in advance.

From: trophyhill
Google Tommy Maldanado scouting packages ;)

From: WapitiBob
Poor access

From: Firsty
Don't ask trophyhill Lol!

From: ohiohunter
Hahaha. The draw results haven’t even been out a week and though you’ve been analyzing maps ever since [insert sarcastic jesture] you’ve now come to the conclusion you need help. Hope you have a good hunt, it’s not an easy unit.

From: Buglmin
It's a long narrow unit that the elk travel through a lot. Be careful and learn your boundaries so you don't end up in the 16's. Not easy access. It'd be best to scout in August, to find the waterholes. Where the elk are now won't be where they are come September. You'll need to spend lots of time there during the hunt cause the elk move a lot into the 16's.

Curious why you'd apply for a unit you know nothing about...?

From: Treeline
Tough country. Really tough if you get a bull down way back in the deep nasty. You might want to consider going guided in there.

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