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Garrett Bros @ Cons's embedded Photo
Garrett Bros @ Cons's embedded Photo

Garrett Bros @ Cons's Link
Spain is a great place to hunt for ibex mouflon and chamois, we have been operating in Spain now for 3 years and have clients coming again this fall. We have archery and rifle hunters coming with us in November and the nice part of spain is there is plenty of animals of all sizes to hunt, it is a very affordable hunt or you can make it a gold medal grand slam of ibex if you wanted, Great place to take the wife’s along on the trip also. Hunts can be booked from November - March We will help ya all the way along with these hunts as we do with all our clients

From: Halibutman
These three responses are the greatest thing ever published on the internet. Thank you God for the robots at "essay writing service". They've made me smile, and my day better and brighter.

From: APauls
lol, good thing I no wear 2 go excellent for writing purposes teaching.

From: kota-man

From: BUCKeye
I love a good squirrel chase. Good to know I have that in common with the Spaniards.

From: t-roy
“Most imperative thing about squirrel chasing is being in a few woods where they are”

Ain’t THAT the truth!!!

From: elkstabber
I like pizza !!!

From: Ace
I think we have a few regulars who would like to hear some more about the Pink Deer hunting.

From: GhostBird
Where is TBM when you need him????

From: SteveB
GhostBird.....TBM is out chasing Gold Medal Mouflon Squirrel. Heard he is REALLY good at it for the duration of the sector. A thrilling chase for sure.

From: spike78
Great place to take the wife’s? I don’t think they would get along to well.

From: TrapperKayak
'Searching in Spain is one of a kind and extraordinarily thrilling, which pulls many foreign hunters.' KEVINNGATESs must be a real tool...

Jees what on earth is happening here, just got out of bighorn sheep camps went 3 for 4 on rams and then I see this. On one of my ads for Spain I’m loosing all faith in this internet stuff, we pay good money for years and years money to a great bowsite to allow people to go on hunts of a lifetime with the best Outfitters there is and then we get this on our advertising for our hunts, man I don’t know anymore think I’m gonna just stick to the shows now. Ya have no idea anymore

Not sure about all this essay silliness but I do know Pat and the Garrets have a great reputation out in the wild sheep world and you'll never meet a nicer guy.... \ He posted a straightforward post and pays for the give him a break.... you serious about and international hunt particularly in mountain species he is the guy...

From: MaBow
Garrett Brothers is one of the companies that pay to advertise. Without people like him the Bowsite will no longer be available to us to enjoy.

From: Sitting Bull
Looks like the moderators need to block and delete few member accounts. If people don't like hunting don't look at bowsite or other hunting websites. I'm not a fan of vegan's or anti hunters and certainly don't have time to waste posting on their sites.

From: mgmicky
Sitting Bull x2. Bowman, hunting is not “just for fun” is also a healthy non GMO food source. Do your homework before posting on something you clearly don’t understand.

From: wkochevar
Don't feed these posts...the Mods need to get them off of here. there's been an invasion!


Garrett Bros @ Cons's embedded Photo
Garrett Bros @ Cons's embedded Photo
Un believable pat are you serious I’m sure you have people working to delete these asshole off this site, I have supported this site for many many years and have outfitter over 300 bowsite clients, I don’t want to be a pain in your guys ass and am only trying my best to supply the best hunts on the earth but to be embarrassed is not gonna happen sorry boys, just got out of moose camps here to see this again, enough already

From: Medicinemann
Garrett, You are the OP of the thread. You have the ability to censor specific posts if they bother you.

From: Nick Muche
Uh... Jake... no, unfortunately he doesn't...

Anyhow, hunting Spain can be incredible. Go do it...

Lol jake I had to tell pat that I no longer can be a sponsor of bowsite because of so many anti hunters and this stuff going on and yes if I was able to edit or delete my own threads I would’ve months ago when these ass clowns started posting on these thread that’s we have available, we leave in 2 weeks again with 11 hunters for Spain and 3 with archery so hopefully things go well this year once agin

From: kota-man
I don't understand why mods can't "clean up" a thread like this. One would think it would be easy to do. I don't blame advertisers one bit for being frustrated with this garbage. Good luck in Spain Pat...

I wouldn't let these anti folks run me off. I can't do one of your hunts, but I always check the thread to see what you're showing off; pretty neat stuff. Don't let a sour few run you off. If we did that, you'd run out of places to go. My .2 worth. Have a safe hunt!

From: TrapperKayak
LoL, this is one of the more entertaining threads out there, I'm sure Pat doesn't think so though.

From: Scar Finga
I don't think any of us should find it entertaining, these guys are paying to sponsor this sight. Why would they want to subject themselves to this? They can it for free on Facebook.

Someone should step in and do something.

Just my 2 cents worth.

From: kota-man
Again...Why can't the mods delete this crap?

Ignorant. Come on mods

From: kota-man
A sensible post by Jaq gets deleted almost before he's done typing and this crap spews on forever...

From: Scoot
The BS with Jaq being hyper-monitored is going to run me off of this site next. Whoever is the spineless weasel doing this should man up and deal with it openly, rather than the passive-aggressive, hide behind the anonymity of the internet approach he's taking. Get a set of balls and act like a grown up.

From: Buskill
Are these bizarre posts showing up on other threads or just this one ? I’ve not noticed any except here on this topic .

The last post on the trouble getting pin # thread is weird

Looks like Pat took care of some of the nonsense. Thanks Pat!!

This Topic has been locked. Thank you.

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