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Canoe Shoot - 3D
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From: Herdbull

Herdbull's embedded Photo
Herdbull's embedded Photo
There is a unique 3-D shoot planned for June in Northern Wisconsin. If you are looking to test your accuracy under a fair amount of distraction, you may want to try to attend. There were great door prize, and great scenery along the 9 mile river range.

From: M.Pauls

I like it!

From: Buffalo1
I shot my Russian boar from a boat and it was a unique experience. He was swimming across a creek, when coming up on bank, I shot him and he fell back into creek. Guide stuck his hand in water and felt his ear and pulled him into boat. He was not 100% dead. Was one unforgettable hunt with a half dead pig in the boat!!

3-D from a boat should be great fun. I would love some of that action.

From: Woods Walker
I never shot a canoe (on purpose..), where's the 10 ring? ;-)

From: Kurt
We’d go to Big Bear Lodge to eat on occasion when I was growing up back in the ‘50s and ‘60s. It was an 1-1/2 hours from home. I killed a few bucks along the Flambeau with a rifle in my high school/college days as well. Neat Northwoods up there. Bet the shoot will be fun! Hard not to like canoeing the Flambeau unless you tip over in some rapids during high spring runoff....ha.

From: Tody
That looks like a fun time. I go camping out that way every summer with the family, need to plan this into our trip.

From: x-man
"I never shot a canoe (on purpose..), where's the 10 ring? ;-)"

I 12 ringed my water heater once. Same location for a canoe... the lower you hit in the center, the quicker the kill.

From: Herdbull
Ha Ha Ha . Yes, by the time you return back to the lodge your shooting is not over. You will get a chance to shoot at a huge elk wading the river. If you shoot too low and below waterline you will in fact have a chance to sink the boat that supports the elk. (this did happen in previous year.) But seriously, with targets on both sides of the river your team work in the canoe will pay off as you try to set up on the "stake" (actually a goose decoy set on tethered weight to river bottom). I hope those in the area give it a try, Mike

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