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The longest day...
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wisconsinteacher 24-Apr-18
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wisconsinteacher 24-Apr-18
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of spring is today. My season starts tomorrow. This morning I saw 19 hens, 2 jakes and 7 toms in the field I plan to hunt in the morning. 3 toms ran the show and chased the others away, but they still strutted around the flock. Now the hard part, set up where they entered the field or where the hens fed this morning. The fun of turkey hunting is the thinking about what to do next.

I will have my DSD jake and hen along with my Bullheads somewhere in the field tomorrow morning. Let's hope I pick the right spot.

From: Brotsky
Good luck! Come back in the morning with your trophy photos!

Good Luck!

From: Hawkeye
I would never go where they come out but rather...where they went to strut and hang out for some time. The chances of a shot are great there....where they enter may be a quick shot or they pass your setup. Just my 2 cents :)

The entire flock went across the highest spot in the hay field and worked to the corn field right next to it. When they hit the corn, I got out of there so they wouldn't spook. I was thinking that the small rise in the hay field where they spent 30 minutes would be the best spot.


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