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Mule Deer Bucks
Mule Deer
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John.Bonez 24-Apr-18
Brotsky 24-Apr-18
KyleSS 24-Apr-18
LKH 24-Apr-18
Nick Muche 24-Apr-18
Buglmin 24-Apr-18
Treeline 25-Apr-18

John.Bonez 's embedded Photo
John.Bonez 's embedded Photo
Snapped a pick of these two beauties on a hike through some national forest land last August. Unfortunately I hadn't put in for their unit but hope to catch up with them this year. Is the one on the left as big as I think he is ~170/180?

From: Brotsky
His back forks are very weak but he will go close to 160, hard angle to judge from.

From: KyleSS
I would tend to agree, high 160's at best. Looks like he has good brows though; he has good genetics so if at all possible, I would revisit him in a couple of years. He has the makings to be something great.

From: LKH
Hate to judge from the rear. Even the one facing has good front forks, may be 26 wide. Looks fairly young. Pretty nice pair to see in the future.

From: Nick Muche
Not a 180", I'd guess he'd net high 50s or low 60s.

From: Buglmin
Agree with Nick, high 150's. The one facing us is only pushing maybe 24" wide. Mule deer always look bigger alive then they do dead.

From: Treeline
That buck on the left is probably 165-170” net. Good mass, good front forks, a little weak in the back forks but the brows are going to make up for the lost inches. The buck on the right is probably 140”. Very similar genetics - probably brothers with one year difference in age.

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