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Az. Deer/Sheep Tag #
Wild Sheep
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BULELK1 25-Apr-18
Zim1 25-Apr-18
BULELK1 26-Apr-18
Zim1 27-Apr-18
BULELK1 29-Apr-18

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'morning All,

Sheep/Deer/Javies/Buff/Bear/ turkeys.......


Good luck, Robb

From: Zim1
Looks like after 4 or 5 straight years of lowering deer tag quotas, the Kaibab leveled off at 450. I intend to give it another try.

I reached out earlier this year to fellow bow siters with youth hunters to share my 17 Az. deer points with, to apply Group for the Bow Kaibab hunt.

High School football, schools starting classes in August~~and so forth, we just couldn't put the dates of the Kaibab bow hunt to work.

Maybe if I don't draw my Nv. bow buck this year, I'll offer to share those Nv. points as the bow buck hunts start in early August!

I hope ya draw Ken and your Ut. Paugns tag too!!



From: Zim1
Robb, Sharin 17 deer points??? That's a lot. The Kaibab archery can be drawn by anyone even without points. I drew last two years as NR. Not applying for the Pauns archery this year because my wife is finally retiring in China and she will move here in July. So she won't return for a yearly visit this one year. After 2018 I will be flyin solo every fall for 3 months, so I can hunt seriously and hard. So I re-evaluated all my hunt applications this year, altering choices to avoid burning serious opportunities I've been saving for. She will accompany me on anything I draw this year, so I just want to do that for opportunity type hunts, like Kaibab archery. For some hunts I didn't want to just pass on a powerball chance, I changed them to firearm as they are generally shorter and she might be able to stalk along. Complex but agreed to for 2018.

True that Ken.

I'll roll the dice this June appl and go from there

Good luck, Robb

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