Turkey jerky
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From: jims
I'm curious if anyone has ever tried making turkey jerky or turkey peperoni sticks? If so, do you have a favorite recipe or seasoning packet that is tasty?

From: venison
I used High Mountain turkey jerky cure and it was ok , now I cut into strips about as wide as pinky finger , soak in Italian dressing for 24 hrs. then roll in flour and fry , much better than the jerky . You can bake instead of fry , but I like fried better .

From: LINK
I’ve made several turkeys into jerky with a mixture of soy sauce, worshestershire, liquid smoke and spices. Doesn’t taste much different than deer or any other meat done that way.

A few years ago I took breasts from 2 turkeys and ground them up with some pork, mixed in some jerky seasoning (on the light side though) and used a jerky shooter to put on racks. Put the racks in the smoker for awhile and were some of the best sticks I have made.

From: jims
I love venison jerky and stiks so it sounds like it's worth a try!

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