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Wrist strap better than thumb release?
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From: Starfire
Am I the only one who shoots better with a wrist strap style release rather than a thumb release. I have read all the articles and post about how great thumb releases are so I have tried a few. I always end up going back to my wrist strap. I have tried a tru fire edge, stuart hot shot and one of the newer hot shots. the only thing I have not tried yet is a set trigger type like Carter. I don't want to dump that much money if I am not going to like it or are some people just better with a wrist strap. I get a good surprise release with the thumb handle, the wrist strap type (fletcher open hook is my fav) just feels like a more solid anchor. I just wonder if I get more movement of the barrel at the moment of fire than I do with the wrist strap,

From: elk yinzer
Me too. I tried a carter thumb release and have not shot well with it. Anchor point is my issue, I didn't feel like changing my setup. I had concerns about getting a good anchor with the thumb release with heavy clothes and neck gaiters. If it ain't broke don't fix it, went back to my Winn.

From: Ucsdryder
I’ve gone wrist to thumb to wrist to back tension. The first go around I felt the same way you feel. Honestly I didn’t fully commit.

This time I changed my anchor point which slightly changed my draw and my peep height. I’m shooting a hinge and my shooting has definitely improved. I was a solid shooter with a finger but felt I had reached my upper limit.

Everyone has their own preference. What’s “best” for one may, or may not be, best for you. Use what you’re comfortable using. Personally, I’ve used a Carter wrist strap release for years. That said, I don’t command the trigger. I simply wrap my finger deep over the trigger (1st joint from the tip) and pull through the shot until I get a surprise release.

From: JTV
yep, each has their preference... I developed target panic using a strap, went to the 4 finger thumb years back because of it ....I can still shoot a strap after retraining my mind, but I feel more secure using the 4 finger Boss X.... plus, I like having my hands free .... IF I can get the pin on target, I can shoot the strap... that is IF ... with the 4 finger my shot execution is now perfect, it makes me sloooow down ... good shooting is a mind game....just hope you never go thru what many have with TP ......

From: Ziek
If all you're doing is changing the type of release, you probably won't get a solid anchor point. If you don't want to change your set-up completely, about all you can do is use a solid anchor point and shoot without trying to aim through your peep. Most guys using a thumb release anchor with the point of their jaw between their first two knuckles, thumb down. Whatever release you use, the proper way to set it up is to first establish a solid, repeatable anchor, then adjust the peep to the proper height. You should be able to draw to your anchor with your eyes closed, and when you open them you should be lined up with your sights.

From: Ermine
Yea I’ve tried them all. I find I shoot index release the best. I shoot it using back tension

From: carcus
I have a few thumb releases, gave them a go, I didn't like them, went back to a index, I try to shoot it using back tension and 2 out of five arrows I get a surprise release, never shot a animal using back tension, I just hammer the trigger!

“I just hammer the trigger”

Right on:)

From: Yellowjacket
Charlie, LOL! Wrist strap better than thumb release? I'd say the answer to that question is no. Watch some compound World Cup Archery or the shoot off in Vegas and see how many of the best shooters in the world are shooting a wrist strap. Wrist strap = sure prescription for target panic at some point.

From: Pat Lefemine
I only use the wrist strap. TruBall stinger. Nothing fancy and works every time. Tried the other stuff and could never warm up to them.

From: Cocoon Man
I recently switched to a wrist release with more trigger pull it is a Carter Like Mike. I have it set at 3 pounds trigger pull it will go up to 5. Shoot it hooked deep into second joint and use back tension to trigger.

Made a big difference my previous wrist release maxed out at 14 ounces ,if I even though about shooting the arrow was gone, not at 3 pounds. I may increase it some more now that I am used to it.

I had TP and followed advise from the book Idiot Proof Archery including to use a release with 4-5 pounds of trigger pull.

I shoot a hinge/hand held for tournaments, but I much prefer the wrist strap for hunting situations. JMO

From: Grubby
I’ve messed with a few different releases, but for me, for hunting it’s always a wrist strap

From: ryanrc
I shoot a simple wrist strap release, but I keep my finger behind and pushing against the trigger until I am ready to shoot. Never had a problem with touching off the trigger on accident that way.

From: Cocoon Man
ryanrc, if you are referring to my post I keep my finger behind the trigger until I am ready to shoot also. The heavier trigger pull helps it the fact that you can get the pin on target and let it float and then concentrate on looking at the point of aim and trigger the release by pulling through the shot with back tension to achieve a surprise release, rather than punching the trigger with your finger.

With a light trigger if you have any target panic issues it is harder to do that. Most thumb type releases have the ability to adjust the trigger pull heavier than most wrist releases. Also the thumb is less sensitive than your index finger. But I like my release attached to my wrist I will not lose it that way!

From: Barty1970
Ryanrc and Cocoon Man...both of you may have just helped me to appease the archery gods!! My shooting practice yesterday wasn't worth a tinker's cuss, and I knew that I was pre-empting the shot when my pin was getting close to my point of I reckon the 'finger behind the trigger/floating pin/having a heavier trigger weight' may be what I'm looking for [alas, I can't shoot more than once a week which is hard when I want to practice something like this] I'll see how I get on and many thanks

From: Cocoon Man
Barty1970, I used to freeze below the target and when I forced the pin near the bullseye I would hammer the trigger. It's target panic golfers call it the yips. My wife says it's all in your head , she's right!

I recommend getting Bernie Pellerite's book Idiot Proof Archery. He goes into great detail about target panic and how to control it.

I commited to his program and followed it to the letter. It took a long time but it has really helped. I still get a little twinge once it while when my pin gets on target but with the heavier trigger pull and back tension the arrow does not take off, and I can just let the pin float and execute the shot.

Whenever I get that twinge I spend a session blank bale shooting.

Good luck!

From: pointingdogs
Wrist strap here. I have tried the other and as was stated.... I can never get a good anchor point.

From: SoDakSooner
I use them all, but shoot just like Cocoon man with my like mike. I am just more comfortable with a wrist strap. I have a hinge and a thumb release(carter insatiable) that I pull out just to change things up. No matter what I always pull through the shot with any release.

From: midwest
It's easy to anchor with a hand held. Index finger below the jaw bone, middle finger above, and knuckles at the back of the jaw. Doesn't get much more solid and repeatable than that.

From: Sling Shot
Go to YouTube and do a search for John Dudley. He has some great videos on how to shoot a thumb release. I brought his Knock-To-It release and would never go back to a wrist strap.

From: nijimasu
I started with thumb, but foung the wrist release worked bust with my hunting style. For 3D shooting, the thumb seemed to be more accurate, but since i shoot 3D as practice for hunting rather than competition these days, I use my wrist release there too. I do like a bit or resistance on the trigger pull so it surprised me when it goes off, and forces me to concentrate on floating that pin where I want the arrow to hit until I hear it hit the target.

From: Windwalker

Windwalker's embedded Photo
Windwalker's embedded Photo
I attached a wrist-strap to my Stan release as I was having wrist and forearm pain during my draw. When I draw now the draw weight is balanced between my fingers and forearm. This has resolved my pain issues and still allows me the benefits of a thumb release.

From: Barty1970
Anyone used the Spot Hogg Keeton release?

From: bad karma
Yes. I bought a Keeton, and it is every bit as good as Spot Hogg says it is. No wrist pain, easy to hold steady and longer than I could with my other releases. it's all I shoot now.

Like most of us, I have used both.

I am with a Thumb release for the last 4-5 years

It is a little more demanding with thick warm gloves on doing spot-n-stalk Muleys in cold November.



From: Barty1970
Thanks for the feedback Bad Karma; much appreciated

From: Mad Trapper
I use both, but far prefer a handheld. I shoot a like mike wrist strap in instances where I am wearing a lot of clothes. I am much less likely to accidentally trigger the release when coming to full draw due to bumping a neck gaiter or heavy collar on my coat. I keep my finger behind the trigger peg until I am anchored. With a hand held that has a thumb trigger, if I am not careful when coming to full draw, I have at times bumped my collar and triggered the release. This is probably less likely to happen if you are using a hinge, but I don't like using a pure hinge for hunting. I have found with the wrist strap that as you pull through the shot, the strap can stretch and move on your wrist - particularly if you are not careful to strap it on your wrist the exact same way every time. It may not seem like much, but it can effect your final anchor which can effect you accuracy. I don't have this problem with a handheld. Both types are good. Both types can be shot with back tension and for me both types are very useful depending upon the hunting conditions that I will be experiencing and the clothes that I am wearing.

I am doing some experimenting now. Wrist, back tension and resistance release.

I was shooting both because if hunting season. Didn't want to completely switch right now.

Had a bad time with back tension today. I was shooting them pretty good and starting to group better bit today I was having a heck of a time. Couldn't control it with any wind and starting to yank the back tension. Got the wrist release out and a little while later shooting great out to 50 yes

I am never going to be a professional Archer. I just want to be consistent and accurate

I mostly bowhunt and a few 3d. I'm going to give back tension some more time but I keep having issues like I was today I will stay with the wrist

I would say use what your most comfortable with and what you shoot best with


From: Ogoki
Fought target panic for years. Went to Scott Longhorn Hex. Shooting better than I ever have. It's a wrist strap with a back tension . Draw without touching the release. Then apply a small amount of pressure, hear a very low click . Settle the pin and back tension. My friend tried mine and went home and ordered one.

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