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From: olebuck
over the years i have became a cow pea planting fanatic.

a few years ago i started planting Joint Vetch along with my peas, both at approx A 50% RATE. my results have been outstanding!

This year i have purchased 100lbs of alyce clover to try in a few areas.

here is my plan.

plant alyce clover and joint vetch together - plant by tilling / cultipacking / seeding / culitpacking.

once that is completed i plan to use my two row planter to add a few rows of cow peas and possibly sunflowers as well. Iin my experience with planting these as a stand alone plot have all been mediocre.

1. vetch - stand alone - limited use untill mid october - then hit harder

2. Cow peas - heavy use initially - until they are gone, which usually only take a few weeks since they are grazed heavy.

3. Alyce clover - limited use during its life span, it has great protien and covers ground well.

4. sunflowers - very heavy use early, usually a small plot will be eaten down before its established.

mixing cow peas and vetch - top notch mix - they grow similar heights, and the vetch slows the grazing down of the peas - last time i planted this mix - i had deer from establishment to frost.

hoping to have similar results by mixing these planting with the alyce clover.

From: drycreek
That's good info. I get away with IC peas on a couple properties because the deer density is not too high, but another one that I hunt is almost impossible to get over six weeks out of them. I'm trying a Sunn Hemp/IC pea mix this year just to see what happens. This particular plot will have to be terminated before hunting season though, because it's a spring/summer plot only as it's situated downwind (mostly) from where I hunt.

Eagle Brand forage soybeans grow unbelievably fast and will keep coming back no matter how heavy the grazing. I use the RR Gamekeeper variety. For the price concious and non GMO crowd they also produce conventional forage beans with the same never say day/super growth traits and are much less $$.

From: nutritionist
My go to summer mixes for the deep south include a deer and bird mix that has soybeans, sunflowers, buckwheat, sunn hemp and grain sorghum. A 4 bean blend that contains cowpeas, lablab, forage soybeans and trailing soybeans. I also have a 3 way clover mix that has crimson clover, berseem clover and balansa clover. That mix has done well even during summer heat stress.


Southern Bucks's DeerBuilder embedded Photo
Southern Bucks's DeerBuilder embedded Photo

That’s almost exactly what we are doing and it is doing great. The hairy vetch is keeping the pressure off of our sunflowers, beans, peas, and corn. Check us out on YouTube at. ps:// Facebook: /chris.dean.75054 Instagram: Chrisdean859

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