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Utah draw results??
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Bowhunter 27-Apr-18
HDE 27-Apr-18
Zim1 27-Apr-18
Tilzbow 28-Apr-18
Trial153 28-Apr-18
Bowboy 28-Apr-18
IdyllwildArcher 28-Apr-18
tkjwonta 28-Apr-18
YZF-88 28-Apr-18
WapitiBob 28-Apr-18
Don K 28-Apr-18
HDE 28-Apr-18
BULELK1 29-Apr-18
elkstabber 30-Apr-18
sticksender 30-Apr-18
EZBreazy 30-Apr-18
HDE 30-Apr-18
From: Bowhunter
What date were they posted last year??? It is taking too long!!

From: HDE

HDE's Link
Shouldn't be long now...

From: Zim1
Holding off on Oregon application until I get annual UT 0-fer confirmation.

From: Tilzbow
Last year cards got hit May 17 and emails were sent May 23. 2016 was May 12 & 16.

From: Trial153
we have a couple weeks i think ...

From: Bowboy
You should get an email.

Yeah, last year the emails didn't come out until the week of the deadline, so it probably won't be for 2-3 more weeks.

The next draws to come up should be CO sheep/goat backdoor any day now with official results a few days later and WY sheep/moose/goat next week.

From: tkjwonta
Do you guys think the CO sheep/goat back door will still be open this year with the new application system?

From: YZF-88
They approved tag numbers on Thursday. Additional tags for Book Cliffs deer and unfortunately, even more Wasatch bull elk tags. Odds got better for both of those hunts.

From: WapitiBob
So I have a chance....

From: Don K
I'm impatiently waiting to see if my points get used

From: HDE
You will see a CC charge before the emails or results are posted. Will see if I am $800 poorer in another couple of weeks...

It seems like right around Mothers Day wknd C-cards start getting 'hits' or drop in available credit.

'Ya Gotta Believe'

Good luck, Robb

From: elkstabber
Please if anybody has any specific information on the sheep/goat backdoor just keep it to yourself.

From: sticksender
Crap, this is bad a dreaded CC fraud alert today, meaning the card had to be cancelled and re-issued with a new number. Should receive the new one within a couple days. Probably still enough time to update Utah, but maybe not Colorado.

Ah well, I'm only in for Sheep in CO, slim chance anyway. Still in the 5-yr waiting period for Mt Goat in CO. And I think we're still a few weeks away from the Moose & Elk & Deer draws.

From: EZBreazy
So get a temporary from your bank today and update info. That card is usually good for a month and/or until your new card is activated.

From: HDE
UT normally tries your card a few times. If no go, they'll call.

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