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speedgoat 28-Apr-18
luckychucky 28-Apr-18
'Ike' 28-Apr-18
muskeg 29-Apr-18
From: speedgoat
Two of us are planning a POW deer hunt for early to mid September this year. I'm wondering if anyone knows how long the deer stay in the alpine areas? Would also be interested in any other tips. I've already done a lot of research, just looking for a little extra info.

From: luckychucky
until the snow pushes them down. Or the rut. Changes this year in the bag limit for non subsistence hunters.

From: 'Ike'
One, you'll be to late as once they go hard horn they bail out of the alpine...Two, POW has taken a hit by both weather and wolves...Just nobody is talking about it!

From: muskeg
I don't know of any winter deer killing weather in quite a while. There are Wolf but we have had high Wolf population and good Deer hunting before. There are a lot of Deer feeding on the green up roads right now. I mean alot and they look healthy.

I like the early Sept hunt on the top. Usually nice hunting weather and less bugs, than earlier. Hard horned Bucks. We have taken many Bucks in Sept on the tops. Hunting the upper lush forest is possible from the top. But by Sept 15th things can get harder and the weather starts turning.

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