Tight Spot Quivers
garman 64st
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bigmartbowhunter 28-Apr-18
raghorn 28-Apr-18
Stryker 29-Apr-18
how do I download coordinates from google earth to my garman 64st, and can I download images of wallows with coordinates. Thanks Bigmart

From: raghorn
Gps coordinates can be import into GE. You can do an output of kml tracks from GE, but not coordinates. You can save image with your marker/label which could have coordinates in the label, but that is a jpeg, so it can't go to GPS unit, although, maybe you have a GPS that can do photos??????

From: Stryker
On my 62 st when using google earth to put coordinates in all I do is to hit mark then edit the coordinates that appear in the box then name it and save it. I also stay with UTM format.

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